About Me

2014-08-04 09.24.29

Hi.. I am the blogger behind Laughter and Carbs.
I am a hard working career women with a sarcastic sense of humor. I am lucky enough to live on a beautiful 18 acre horse ranch with my fiancé, two mares, two dogs, one cat and six chickens. I love to knit, read, garden, find cute clothes and ride my horses. I also love seeing how many animals I can bring home before my fiancé tells me no.
I get the best of both worlds. I work in the city and live in the country. The commuting sucks but it is well worth it. I am always cooking something up or cleaning up after some animal or making my horse do silly tricks or riding with my truck driving fiancé to see some beautiful areas. I wouldn’t have it any other way!
This blog is full of my rants, randomness, recipes, animal stories and humor. So grab a glass of wine or coffee, take a seat and prepared to be amused.
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