About Me

Hi.. I am the blogger behind Laughter and Carbs.
I am a hard working career women with a sarcastic sense of humor. I am lucky enough to live in a small town in a gorgeous area with my troublemaker cat, feisty middle aged dog and a brand new puppy. As well as some chickens, a beautiful horse and a few lizards as well. I struggle daily with PCOS and eating healthy for my own body.


Busy is my middle name. I love anything that keeps me going. I work two jobs. I run after far to many animals. Walk shelter dogs on my lunch break. Volunteer my time. Experiment with recipes. Always down for walking on the beach to collect seashells. Riding quads. Getting dirty. Walking barefoot through green grass. Or pushing the lawnmower around on a sunny afternoon. I take far to many pictures of EVERYTHING (follow me on Instagram at hopelesslyblond84). But I wouldn’t have it any other way! Life is an adventure!
This blog is full of my rants, randomness, recipes, animal stories and humor. So grab a glass of wine or coffee, take a seat and prepared to be amused.
Leave a comment! Share! Follow! Leave me suggestions! Tell me your stories!
Also follow me on Instagram (hopelesslyblonde84) or Snapchat (horseylove84).

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