How I Stay Sane

July has been rough. It has been full of so much chaos and stress. I have officially reached the point where I have stopped asking, “what else could go wrong?” Not a good idea right now with everything that has happened. But I am not letting it yank me too far down. I have faith that things will work out, things will fall into place and things will get better. But in the mean time my stress level is amped up, especially with wedding planning reaching crunch time and my work days being ridiculously stressful.

Here is how I know I am stressed, I actually look forward to my lunch time workouts. I have been finding solace in the hour I get to myself during the day. I put on my headphones, I put on my work out clothes, I usually go when the gym isn’t busy and I allow myself to just focus on my workout.

Now normally my workouts starts like this:

“wtf am I doing, I hate cardio.”

“This sucks. My god this sucks.”

Why am I sweating already, what the hell body, could you be anymore embarrassing?”

But at some point, usually about 5-10 minutes into my cardio session, I just suddenly feel better. I start getting into it. I start allowing my mind to focus on the movement and I even have been caught dancing a bit on the elliptical. By the time I am heading over to the weights (my favorite part of my workout), I am calm and focused. I don’t allow the stress to follow me to the gym. This is my time. This is where I get to be without the daily reminders of everything going on.

A typical work out for me is:

  • 15-20 minutes of elliptical
  • 20-25 minutes of weights

I never really go in there with a plan or mission. Mostly my mission is just to de-stress and work my body a bit. On Fridays I will usually shake it up by doing strength training exercises without the weight machines or some yoga/stretching after cardio. I also have been getting brave and getting on the treadmill to do some walking in hopes that maybe I can start up my running program again if I can trust that I won’t fly off the back of the treadmill.

I find that everything else sort of falls into place when I work out, slowly my eating improves, my water intake increases and I don’t really crave junk food as much. Just that act of using my hour long lunch to work out makes everything else just kind of click into place for being healthier.

It is nice to be falling in love with fitness again and to use it as a way to channel all my stress. My PCOS thanks me, my body thanks me and my mental state thanks me. So fitness doesn’t always have to be about losing weight and inches, it can just be about staying sane during stressful times and letting your body have a good outlet for stress.


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