Hot Days of Summer- Farm happenings

I feel like I haven’t stopped sweating since June. We have had a streak of non stop 100 degree days and my electricity bill is never going to recover. My A/C runs almost constantly except for the rare evenings when it cools down enough to pull air inside with my box fan. I am so over this summer. I haven’t been able to ride my horse because I work when it is the coolest outside (about 5 a.m. to 6 a.m.). It is driving me nuts. I just need some normal low 90 degree days or 80’s would be ideal right now.

I am so aware of the heat because I am responsible for keeping animals alive during this brutal heat. Chickens it turns out do better in cold vs heat. I already lost a bantam chicken, bantams are super fluffy and there was water but she just couldn’t handle the heat. I felt so bad. So during the hottest days I have been allowing the chickens to free range my yard. They have a ton more room to find shade, dirt they can roll in and cooler areas to hide from the sun. Between my very hot dogs and the hot chickens, I have craters popping up in the dirt areas around my house. I sacrificed the lettuce container to them and filled a small planter with fresh dirt for the chickens and they love it. They roll around endlessly getting all dirty. June has stopped laying eggs with all this heat. She hasn’t laid a single egg since the heat sky rocketed up. The babies are still too young to lay. So currently I don’t have any fresh chicken eggs. Sigh.


We are buying watermelon and Otter pops in bulk right now. The Otter Pops are for us humans. But between the ducks, chickens and horses, plus a little for me, we go through 2 big watermelons a week almost. The horses like theirs refrigerated. I discovered yesterday that Sophie eats it now, rind and all. Crazy horse. She has also become very good about bobbing for apple slices in her water trough. Helps her get extra water in her system and makes her work for her treat a bit. I am miss working her right now but this heat is too much stress on her and me.

One of the ducks has started laying for me. I have no clue if we have two females or a female and a male but I do know one duck is officially laying an egg daily.


On Saturday I found two in their kiddie pool, I don’t know if they both laid or if one poor duck laid two eggs. Her eggs keep getting bigger too. We went from small ones to now huge ones. I feel so bad for her. But each morning she wanders over to her favorite spot (right next to the air conditioner) and lays. Sometimes she does it in the pool but mostly she likes her spot by the A/C.

During the hotter days I leave a sprinkler on low for the ducks and they love it. It keeps the grass green but they also LOVE to play in it. Cracks me up. The other day I was watering the citrus trees on the other side of the fence and they were face deep in the weeds over there with their butts in the air.


These two are so funny to watch but they are also trouble makers. They have discovered my potted vegetables and I have to chase them off in the mornings. They like to poke at the tomato plants and that is a no no. They very much have a routine of what they do and when. They also are the play ground monitors. Little Birdie (my oldest silkie) is a little bit of a ditz is what I call her, she kind of wanders around doing her own thing and is a little dumb. The new rooster (one of my babies is a gorgeous rooster) has decided he likes her the most and tries to mount her. Whenever he is too aggressive, one of the ducks goes over there, gentle pulls Little Birdie to the side and tells the rooster off. It is so comical to watch.

I almost have R convinced I need a mini pig or goat. Okay, I don’t have him even remotely convinced I need those things nor do I think we have the space for them. But a girl can dream!


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