Home Projects

Now that the massive winter rain has disappeared and we are left with sweltering heat, I have been working on my honey to do list. Now this list isn’t for R, mostly it is for me to remember the projects that I am working on. I love our home, mostly because of where it is at and because I can walk out to see my horse any time I want. Problem is, it is small and has less storage space than I am used too. My old house had a walk in closet, bigger closets in each room, a pantry and nice size laundry room. Technically they are both three bedrooms and two bathrooms but there was a bit of a downgrade in storage space. So I am working on some space saving stuff to make it feel less cluttered right now. So I have an ever growing project list.

Master bedroom/bathroom:

Closets revamping

Take sliding doors off closet and add gauzy curtain instead. Something similar to this:

Image result for curtains as closet doors

Currently we have awful sliding doors that don’t work half of the time and they make it so half of the middle part of the closet isn’t usable without shoving yourself into the closet. So I stumbled upon this idea and love the look of it. Currently I have a blue floral pattern on our bed so I am hoping to find really flowy blue curtains or white gauzy curtains. I am hoping this will also clear up some room to shove the dresser into the closet and clear up some room in our bedroom.

Master bathroom Jacuzzi tub into a shower too:

Our shower is on the opposite end of our house where the other two bedrooms are. In our bathroom is a nice Jacuzzi tub that I love but when there are guests or when R’s kid is here, it would be nice to not have to tromp all the way into the other bathroom for a shower. So I am working on coming up with an idea to hang a nice shower curtain and add a handheld shower head for when guests are at our home and we don’t want to go all the way across the house to get a shower in.


I need to add some black out curtains to our bedroom windows. The morning sun comes in our window and my eyes pop open the minute it does. We have those slat curtains currently and they do NOTHING. So I was thinking some nice black out curtains and they might also help for keeping the cool air in right now.

Kitchen Area:

I want to add a door between the laundry room and kitchen. Our laundry room is right off our kitchen and it currently has a doggy door for the dogs so it has become the doggy room. We have a baby gate we use to keep out the dogs from the rest of the house during the day. I have noticed that during this heat wave we have been struggling to cool down the living room and I think it is because of the open doggy door/laundry room area. So my hope is to add a door. Now R is suggesting a vinyl accordion door but I am cringing hard core at that so I am thinking a nice sliding barn door might be doable or a bi-fold door. Something like one of these:

Frameport 24 in. x 80 in. Louver/Panel Pine White Interior Closet Bi-fold Door42 in. x 84 in. Z-Bar Knotty Alder Interior Barn Door Slab with Sliding Door Hardware Kit36 in. x 84 in. Melrose Solid Core Primed Composite Interior Barn Door Slab with Sliding Door Hardware Kit

Kids room:

We just won more visitation with R’s son at our home on a monthly basis, so we are working on his bedroom finally. It has been just sitting empty until we went to court. We picked up a nice captain’s bed with storage and a cute little I guess you could call it entertainment storage unit with lots of drawers. It needs a good coat of paint and then I will be gluing down Lego boards and filling one of the drawers with Lego’s. I will also add hooks for him to hang jackets. I am making his closet area into a reading nook with pillows, a bean bag chair, a string of lights and some curtains. I have been debating adding one of those cute kid tents. I have a chest in there that needs a paint job and then it will become a toy chest or blanket storage chest for him. Lots of fun ideas are swirling around in our heads.

Guest room:

Because I don’t want R’s kid to feel his room is also a guest room I am making my office into a guest room. To be honest, I rarely go in there to do paperwork. I love the office, it has lots of light and a view of the horse pasture out front but I just don’t like sitting at a desk after spending all day at a desk so I tend to use my computer in the bedroom or on the couch. So my idea is to take my craft cubbies and filing cabinet and place them into the closet nook. Cover that closet with a curtain as well. Take my homemade desk that R made for me and is very special to me and move that outside where we can use it as a nice place to eat on warm evenings. That way I can fit our queen bed in there and guests will have a nice space to sleep in.


We currently have a dead tree in our yard. The old tenants never watered the grass and the tree died. Breaks my heart because it would have provided added shade to our yard. So our landlords have discussed taking it down and making it into a cute bird bath for the yard or bird feeding area. Great idea but I am also going to discuss with them adding a few extra trees around our bedroom window area. We desperately need shade by one of our windows that gets a lot of hot sunlight and a nice tree would be perfect.

I have two more apple crates hanging around the house. One I already converted into a planter with lavender and strawberries. I also made one into a temporary home for the chicks while they were too young to go into the coop yet. So that one will be converted to a planter as well. But the littlest one we have is shallow and I have this great idea to make it into my garden supplies holder. Currently I am taking over R’s shed with my gardening tools, seeds, planters, etc. So I am going to take one of the crates, paint it green, add in this adorable medicine cabinet I found to hold seed packets and make it a little gardening supplies area right by the shed. This clears up space for his tools and projects while making something cute and decorative for the yard.

I have lots of constant ideas popping into my head and we have pallets to experiment with. So I am working on ideas to build with those as well. So here is to a summer of getting our smallish house a little more functional plus I really love home projects! They make me very happy!!

What are you working on??



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