Me Time

I am physically active person. I rarely sit down for long periods of time unless I am working. I have chickens to run after, horses to ride and a list of chores that never seems to get shorter. But I also have a nasty craving of all the carbs and I have a health condition that prefers it when I work out daily. Not to mention my bratty S health app was bugging the heck out of me. Daily it would tell me that I had a goal of being active 30 minutes out of the day and it was not cool that it would tell me when I went a day without doing my 30 minutes. Not to mention my steps were desperately low because I sit at a desk during the week. Then that weekly summary would come in on Sunday and make me really depressed. So eventually the app got to me and I started working on ways to get a work out in.

If exercise is not convenient, then I will make every excuse under the sun not to do it. I am that type of person. I know I am this type of person. So I spent weeks trying to find a solution. I get up at 5 am and that is early enough, so I don’t want to work out in the morning. I am tired usually by the end of the day and I have an hour long commute home, not to mention a ton of animals to care for once I get home, so after work was a bust. That was when it suddenly hit me, use the gym at my work and work out on my lunch break. I am not the biggest fan of lunch anyways and prefer to eat closer to 3 pm than 12 pm. So two weeks ago I started bringing my work out clothes to work and walked into the work out room at my work. Which I was shocked to discover had great views, good equipment and not a ton of people waiting on machines.


At first I was intimidated, here I am, sweating in front of a bunch of people I work in the same building with and even a few of my coworkers. But then I realized everyone else is focused on their work out and I should focus on mine. I have to tell you, I am really enjoying it now. It gets me away from my desk, discourages eating out on my lunch and it makes me feel better. I work a high stress job, so getting to plug in some headphones and sweat a little makes me feel a ton better on a stressful day.

Here is my standard workout these days, I have never been one who likes spending hours at a gym so I love that I can do short and sweet for my hour long lunch. I get cardio out of the way first because I hate it. I have this mind trick I play with myself where I tell myself to go 10 minutes and then I can stop. After 10 minutes I tell myself another minute, then another and now I have built myself up to 16 minutes of cardio. I still hate it but it helps me to know I can get off the machine without guilt after 10 minutes if I am really not feeling cardio on a certain day. I usually do the elliptical or step machine because well who doesn’t want a firm booty?! After cardio gets my heart pumping and usually gets me sweating, I move on to the weight machines. There aren’t a ton but there are enough for me. I usually just alternate, legs one day, arms with abs the next. There is also a little area to do stretches or a few body weight exercises if I want and a small free weight section that I haven’t used yet but have been eye balling.

I have started referring to it as my “me time.” So far I am on day 9 at the gym and doing really good at sticking with being active. I was so active last week that my weekly S Health app reporting made me very happy.


Then on the weekends I usually have plans that involve some sort of riding horses or walking or swimming or doing things that get me out of the house and moving. I have been riding Sophie a lot since the weather has been so nice and it turns out my app considers that a workout. Which it is to be honest. Plus working out helps with my horse riding, the more strength I have, the better I ride, mount and dismount. Trust me, you need a lot of strength to ride a horse. A lot more than you think you do.


The nice part is when I started working out, I started making better choices in general. It helps that the fruit right now is amazing and there is a fruit stand on every corner.


But because I don’t want to waste my workouts I tend to make better choices. Plus R and I have this side joke whenever we go to eat bad food that the horses are screaming at us to please put down the crap food and pick up a freaking vegetable. Cracks us up and reminds us to make better choices. Riding horses is important to me and I don’t want my weight to hinder my ability to ride my girl. Especially since she is learning so damn much and becoming an amazing horse to ride.

I feel better. I can already see slight changes in my body. I can feel that 10 minutes of cardio no longer makes me want to die. I feel less stressed. I am more active. My anxiety has gone down. My PCOS symptoms are easing up a bit. I am able to mount my horse with a little more ease. My body isn’t so sore from sitting all day anymore. It all is a chain effect really and I like that I don’t fuss about it because I don’t mind using my hour long lunch break for my working out. How about that for motivation!

The only thing I am not doing is stepping on the scale. I tend to get obsessive about every damn pound I lose or gain and that doesn’t help my motivation. Often it caused the opposite and made me want to stop working out. So right now I am just focused on building healthier choices, slowly getting rid of junk and working out regularly again. I don’t need a number on the scale ruling my world right now and would rather just gauge it by how I am feeling. Which at the moment is pretty darn good!

So, how do you squeeze in your “me time?”


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