The Things That Crow

This has been a tough week. There doesn’t seem to be enough daylight to get everything done after work because traffic is downright horrible. I have been almost late to work all week and definitely later home than normal. Between that and the weird weather, hot one week and now cold again, I am just a little off and running behind.

Remember how I told you that we ended up with four roosters out of the six chicks we originally got? Well we now only have one. One silkie rooster named Jacob. He is quiet and non aggressive. Lily the frizzle was starting to attack us humans. Ophelia wouldn’t stop humping everything in sight, including poor Jacob one day. Then there was Scotch who was a very mean rooster indeed and attacked the babies harshly. They all had to go because if I heard mass crowing one more morning at 5 a.m. or had to kick a frizzle across the yard as he snuck up on me, something bad was going to happen. So now gentle Jacob and his two ladies are what is left of the big chickens.


I have started letting these three wander the duck run during the day. The duck run is a strip of area that runs the span of our house. When they put our house in they left a gap between the property fence and our high five foot fence that surrounds our yard. That gap is big enough to squeeze the coop into and also to create a nice grassy run for the ducks. So each morning R or I let them out to hang with the ducks and each evening they come into the yard for a bit before going back into their coop.

Well, this morning June Cash decided to pull another sneaky move. June is the chicken who likes to pop in the doggy door suddenly while I switch over laundry (doggy door is in laundry room). She has a bit of a sense of humor when it comes to keeping an eye on me and I will often find her little head popping up or through things just so she can watch me.

I couldn’t stop laughing this morning while I was trying to prep my coffee. Damn bird. She will probably need her wings clipped so she doesn’t pull any escape artist moves. Lucky for me, the silkies don’t fly. Unlucky for me, the new babies do.


The new babies are loving their outside box. We let them graze with the big chickens in the evening in hopes that they will soon be able to get integrated in with the big chickens. They are still too small to defend themselves properly.

The big chickens are curious, Jacob decided to check them out and of course did some pecking. He wasn’t hurting them, he was establishing the pecking order. I stood close and made sure he minded his manners. All of a sudden the ducks appeared and chased off all the big chickens. The are the school yard bullies. The chickens cower when they approach. I was a bit worried about the babies but then I noticed that the female duck kept an eye on them, kept them all together and was chasing the big chickens away from them. Momma duck is wondering why her babies don’t follow her like good ducklings. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that those weren’t her babies. Silly ducks!

Mornings are a lot quieter with only one rooster making small noises. I really hope he doesn’t find his voice or become aggressive.

On Tuesday I called R on my way to work because he had a random day off and I had driven right by the coolest white cabinet looking thing with a free sign. He is such a good fiance and went to grab it for me on his way home from picking up hay.


I really love it! I can’t wait to get my hands on it to start cleaning it, fixing it and painting it. Then I have to figure out where to put it. I love new DIY projects. They make me very happy! Especially free ones.

Who else is ready for this week to end? It has been a very long one!


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