Friday’s Are For Updates

I am so very glad it is Friday! We spent Easter and the weekend before that out of town with R’s son. I enjoy hanging out with that little dude so very much but it can be exhausting to travel to him constantly. It means living out of our car and a hotel room. Eating bad road food. It also throws the whole next week off at work. I am so ready for a few weekends spent at home!!

I have felt out of sorts for weeks now. Between traveling for far too many weekends in a row, work being crazy busy and all the changes R and I are working on in our life, there is sometimes far too much going on to process everything and exhaustion kicks in. When exhaustion kicks in my anxiety crawls up. But I am lucky, when I am at my darkest I have some of the best people pulling me back up. I have a really great group of people in my life that are always checking in on me, pulling me out of my funks and reminding me what love is. I am also lucky because R is also a solid person who keeps me grounded on my toughest anxiety filled days. I remind myself of these things when I start feeling overwhelmed.

On the ranch front.. I have four roosters. *sigh* Out of the six chickens (three silkies and three sex-links), it has become very obvious that four of them are roosters. It became even clearer when one morning there was an odd noise coming from the coop and Arya kept barking at it. Now both silkies have two beautiful crows but sadly, I do not want roosters. So I am trying to find a new home for them and in the mean time, there are baby’s in my bathtub again.

One leghorn (that flies), three unknowns and two bantams are now living in my tub while they get bigger and I work on figuring out my rooster problem. Preferably before mating begins because I am just not down for that. The sad part was after the ducks got booted from my tub, I was so excited to have my big tub back. I scrubbed the entire bathroom. I scrubbed the entire bathtub. I had bath salts on my list of things to buy. But it feels like this spring is just full of baby’s in my tub. I guess there are worst thing my tub could be full of.

The ducks…


The ducks are huge. There is one male and one female. They got a little adventure to the big pond the other day BUT one of my ducks is a female, the resident two ducks are males, so needless to say she might not be able to go out to the big pond or we might start letting her have field trips to the small back pond. I don’t really want her being mated that much by three darn ducks. Ducks are brutal by the way when they mate. Brutal.

Penny was sold (R’s older mustang) to a lovely family that has three other mustangs. It was a little bittersweet because she was our first horse together. But she needed more consistent work and R really wanted a different horse that wasn’t so stubborn. Penny was difficult to say the least. She was older, she was set in her ways and her stubbornness could outdo anyone’s good mood. R worked hard with her and so did I. We both put a ton of time and effort into her but she had became extremely buddy sour with my horse. So when separated, she became hostile. Every ride was an argument and we constantly had to remind her of what we just taught her. Now, we had made some positive changes with her, she truly did try her best for us but she needed to be worked every single day and R’s schedule didn’t always cooperate with that. So Sophie is our only horse right now. But R has been riding a beautiful paint that looks just like the male version of my Sophie girl but much better trained. He is one of the horses that lives on the ranch that the owner doesn’t have a lot of time for, so R is riding him and so far they are a great little pair. Actually R has been riding both Sophie and the other horse because I haven’t been able to get on my Sophie girl much and he has been off work for this week. He likes to send me pics like this while I am stuck at work…


Damn bastard! I love him but these kind of pictures make me want to tell my boss that I am leaving and go home to ride my horse.

My seedlings are doing great! They have sprouted for the most part. I am still waiting on a few seedlings but I have lots of spinach, sweet peas, blue lima beans, beets and carrots sprouting up. My strawberry plant has big strawberries. My lettuce is growing like crazy. The tomato plants are getting huge. Even the lavender is happy. Fingers crossed it gets enough to supply me for the wedding. I love having a garden. It makes my just so happy to have chickens running around my yard, ducks quacking away, seedlings growing all over my porch and a horse to go out to work with whenever I am home. Traveling for too many weekends in a row is hard on me. I miss my home. Chores stack up. But last night I came home, watched R ride for a bit and then had a good dinner, I let the chickens out to graze in the yard, played with the dogs, watered everything and I could feel myself balancing out again. I am really looking forward to this weekend with sunshine predicted and lots of home time.

I finally took the plunge and got myself a pass to the gym in my work building. It is free (except for the small fee you pay for the pass card) and is really convenient. I kept racking my brain on where to squeeze in exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I am active, very active, all my animals keep me that way but I need actual exercise because it helps with stress relief and my anxiety. Mornings are out because I get up at 5 am to commute, evenings are out because once I get home I have a ton of chores to get through before I can even sit down to eat let alone exercise. So I decided my lunch break was the perfect time to work out. It gets me away from my desk. The work out area is only down a few floors. It isn’t busy. It has a good amount of weights and cardio machines. It also has showers. So it really is a win win for me and I can’t wait to bring my work out gear on Monday!!

My PCOS has been a bit wonky lately because of adding dairy back into my diet. I was ordering Chia drinks and they have dairy. My body is not a fan so I am working on taking it back out of my diet again. Sometimes I feel like I am constantly in a balancing act on finding what foods work and what foods don’t work. But I should have known better about dairy. Smoothies are my go to dinner lately. That might sound odd but I like them, I add in baby kale for greens, fresh fruit, coconut milk, Greek yogurt, flax seeds, and chia seeds. It fills me up and doesn’t make me feel bloated. Plus with my busy evenings it makes it so convenient to sip while watering or letting the chickens out or going to visit Sophie. I am still seriously considering taking meat out of my diet but I really don’t want to have to do that if I don’t need too. Damn PCOS!

So there is my Friday update!!! How has your month been? Are April showers bringing May flowers? How was your Easter?




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