Things that go Quack!

So R and I are banned from TSC (Tractor Supply Company) till chick days are done and over with. This last weekend we walked in to get the flea comb for the never-ending flea battle currently going on with our cat. We have tried EVERYTHING. Damn cat! Anyways, we walked in and there it was. The middle was full of all different kinds of chicks and ducklings. Just chirping away. So of course, like an accident scene, we felt compelled to go stare at all the adorable fluffiness.

Now TSC does one good thing, it makes you buy 6 chicks at once. So I was safe there. I have 6 chickens currently and my coop isn’t big enough for anymore. So I wasn’t going to touch more chicks at all! But then I spotted the ducklings. Cute, fluffy, yellow balls of adorable amazingness.

I walked away.

I walked  back to stare.

I walked away again.

I walked back to coo a bit more.

Each time R watched me with amusement in his eyes and he even stood there staring with me.

Now R is my voice of reason. He rarely brings home animals he hasn’t carefully thought about. The exception being the mustang that currently is a pain in our rear. She was a pity rescue but has been a good horse once we figured out how to work with her. The dogs and cat were mine before he came into the relationship. All three he has accepted as his own. My horse was easy, a friend of his was selling her for super cheap because he was moving and I was riding daily. She was a great buy too because she is an amazing horse. I have already done so much work with her.

The chickens though were a battle. The landlords didn’t mind at all but R debated with me for hours over these chickens. I came up with every argument, eggs, they eat bugs, they’ll eat left over scraps, etc. The list goes on and on. But he had chickens before and didn’t want to end up doing all the work on them was his main concern. I finally convinced him to let me have 3 silkies and then we ended up with 3 more sex-links for more egg production. Trust me, I do the work, I am out there every morning letting them out, checking food, checking water and bringing them scraps. Every evening I am herding them back into the coop (if they aren’t there already) and making sure the left over scraps are scooped up, the food is hung up off the ground and there is water inside the coop. Once R realized that I was committed, he has been super helpful as well with them.

So it was a bit of a shock when R turned to me and asked, “do you want a couple of ducklings?” I just stared at him. He was the one who fought me on chickens and he was willingly offering ducks up to me?!

Turns out, he wanted some. Ooohh, he is tricky!!

So guess what we ended up with?


Meet Lemon and Snickerdoodle…


They are already the cutest things ever and the best of friends. They are so different from chicks though. First of all, they need loads of water and we had to bring in the big water container for them. They want all of their food soggy as all heck before it is considered edible. And if you put a container of water anywhere near them, they will be in it in no time.


They are currently in the bath tub and sometimes when I go pee they are hanging out in their water dish. Crazy ducklings! They also have different disposition than the chickens. They are content standing calmly with us while we move around the kitchen while the chicks were always so cautious. The ducklings talk constantly to us. If we do anything they don’t like, oh boy, they tell you! They like to hang out near my hair on the back of the couch and periodically groom me. They are really sweet ducklings.

Our plan is to house them with the chickens with a bigger run with a small pool in it. If that doesn’t work we have a huge pond on our property with tons of local ducks and we will allow them to become one of the resident pond ducks. Though I’d prefer to keep them close for egg reasons. I have heard duck eggs are amazing!

I am in love with these two and have been interacting with them a lot in hopes that they become super people friendly. It was almost heartbreaking to leave them while I headed to work this morning but I know they will be waiting for me when I get home!

No more babies now for awhile!!!



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