Let’s Talk Beauty Products

R likes to joke that I am his little bit of country girl mixed in with a little bit of city girl. I can’t deny it nor do I feel particularly ashamed by it. I will pull on my polka dot knock off Muck boots to tromp through the mud to feed my chickens but I also have a closet full of beautiful shoes and clothes. I wear make-up daily to work. But on the weekends I am usually make up free wandering around in my jeans and cowgirl boots.

Anyways, I want to talk about some beauty products today because there are some products I have a serious crush on right now!



My birchbox was pretty much amazing this month. I got some pretty neat stuff to try. But two of them were my absolute favorite.

PBJ Smoothie Stick: I was expecting it to be like normal lipsticks. I hate lipstick. I really do. I can’t stand how sticky it makes my lips feel. But this stuff goes on smoothly and doesn’t make my lips feel sticky in the slightest. Not to mention, the color is amazing!! I have been wearing it to work almost daily.

Obliphica Seaberry Hair Mask: I only use a hair mask once a week for some deep conditioning. I have tried a few that left me kind of disappointed but this one definitely did not! It smells amazing and makes my hair so soft. I just left it on for 2-5 minutes and had silky soft hair for a few days.

I also made a trip to ULTA because I ran out of my eye liner pen. Kind of a funny story actually. I was in such a hurry I didn’t bother to take a close look at my eye liner. When I got to work I noticed that one eye was all weird looking. So when I got home I looked and my eye liner pen tip was all smooshed down because it had ran out. Embarrassing spending the day walking around with one weird eye liner mark. So off to ULTA I headed and actually came home with a pretty good haul for fairly cheap. Plus a free bag.


Voluminous Feline by L’Oreal: I got this after seeing another blogger review it and I am in love! If you use mascara you know that one of the issues with certain mascara is how clumpy it comes out of the bottle. Most of the time that same mascara also feels heavy on your lashes. This one did not come out like that. It came out smooth and evenly on the brush. By the first coat my eyelashes are double their size and by the third coat I have super long eyelashes that don’t feel weighted down. I barely notice my mascara is there actually. I would recommend trying it!

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Liner: This eyeliner took me some getting used to. The brush tip is ultra thing which I wasn’t prepared for. But once I got more accustomed to using the thinner tip, it has been fun to come up with some small wings. I don’t love huge wings so this brush is kind of perfect for the small little wings I draw on. It lasts too. I have to take it off with make up remover to get it off. I haven’t used the gel eye liner one yet but I am planning on it real soon.

NYX BB Cream: I had a BB cream I loved that I got in my Birchbox but was getting expensive to buy it. So I decided to look at a more affordable BB cream at ULTA. I end up walking away with the NYX BB cream. I don’t wear much cover up. I usually just wear a day cream, a BB cream, some concealer and a little bit of liquid cover up with some powder to set it. I don’t contour my face unless I am really dressing up because well I like sleep. Some days I just wear BB cream. So trust me when I tell you this stuff is amazing. It feels great on my skin. It doesn’t feel bulky or heavy at all. It covers up the little blemish’s so nicely. You don’t need a lot. AND it only costs $13. That’s a deal!

So there are the products I am loving lately! Of course when I find awesome products I love sharing! Hope you find some you love and share with me any of your favorite products!!



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