Friday Randomness

Everyone woman needs her own nook in the house. One where she can make it as girly (or non girly) as she would like. I have a confession though, most of the house is designed by me with R’s inputs. He is great at giving me input though and even buying things for the house that work with the rest of the decorations. I will give him that. He doesn’t mind that Paris has taken over an entire wall in our living room. He doesn’t even mind that there are so many throw pillows on every sitting surface that you have to literally move a pillow to sit down anywhere in our house. He loves the new rocking chair I got for a super great deal. He doesn’t mind that our bedroom has started leaning towards a bit girly. He is a good sport about it all!

I am not a huge collector of make up or hair products but I have enough. Enough to cause me a headache when I try to find a space for it in the bathroom. I started off in a make up bag. Moved to three huge make up bags. Reduced it down to one make up bag on the sink and the other two stashed away under the sink. Eventually I moved to a cute container by the sink but I was still stashing away make up behind the mirror and under the sink. Even with that there was still hair products pouring out of the mirror and falling on your head when you opened the medicine cabinet. Let’s not even talk about the whole cupboard in the main bathroom that is full of products that I don’t use all the time but still use. Poor R has maybe an inch of space for his toothbrush and deodorant. I gave him part of a shelf for his cologne behind the mirror and underneath the sink in the main bathroom for his extra razors etc.

During the week our bathroom is a bit of a disaster. Because I am usually in a hurry I throw my make up plus hair products all over. It is chaos folks. Chaos. Add in the chickens in the bathtub and I was tired of the bathroom always looking like a wreck.

So I started hunting for a make up vanity. A little one. One that would squeeze into the corner of my bedroom neatly. A few days ago I found one online that was perfect, perfect size, perfect price, perfect stool that matched but it was pending pick up by someone else. I put next in line and waited with my fingers firmly crossed they would flake. So when I got the message yesterday morning that no one had claimed it I sent R down there immediately to grab it for me. I just needed to make a few modifications. Because it came with a smallish mirror I sent R down to the Wal-mart for a bigger mirror to hang behind it. (I just need to paint it white since they only had black.) I dolled it up with some twinkle lights around the mirror, added a few decorations, organized all my make up/hair products in the nooks and viola, perfect!


No more crowded bathroom counter space. No more digging through a bucket to find my eye liner or lip gloss. No more standing while curling my hair for an hour. It is my little nook to get myself pulled together before braving the day. Tried it out this morning and I am in love. I am just silly happy about it! It is the small things folks!

Also, R picked up a Himalayan salt lamp while he was at the store. Only because I have been talking about it for months now. (At least I know he listens!)


Here is a great article on them from Wellness Mama and another one. The idea is that these lamps help filter the indoor air from allergens, help improve your mood and help with better sleep. So last night I plugged it in and gave it a try. It has several settings to how bright it is lit up which was amazing. I put it on the lowest setting and found I was able to fall asleep pretty easily with it on. I woke up this morning without my usual stuffy nose and in a pretty good mood. Don’t know if that is from the lamp or just because it is Friday! Only time will tell.

Last but not least, I joined a 30 day PCOS challenge group. It starts February 10th. It seems pretty neat. It has a meal plan, recipes, shopping lists, support and plenty of other cool ways it is supportive while on the challenge. Looking forward to some motivation to clean up my eating habits again!!

Another rainy weekend coming up. *sigh* Luckily I have plenty of indoor projects to keep me busy.



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