Zucchini noodles and chicks

I got a random compliment today that made my morning. I was told by someone that works in the same building as me that I always wear such cute clothes and look so nice. I was so flattered. Especially since today I threw on whatever was clean. Most of my clothes are soaked in mud and water from running out in the storm to move the horses plus dealing with nothing but rain for four days. Just made my day a bit brighter. I love clothes and putting together cute outfits just because I feel confident when I feel I look good. But I didn’t realize people noticed!

Driving to work this morning and looking at all the water was amazing. Mother nature has the ability to really throw some big punches at times. We went from practically dry river beds to overflowing river beds. The water is lapping at the edges of bridges and roads. Some roads are still underwater. Golf courses and farmlands are underwater. Just amazing and a little scary.

There is mud everywhere. On the walkway leading up to our front steps. In the horses pen in the barn. All across the roads. In all the horse pastures. Mud. I am ready for some sunshine to clear up this mud. I have a when it stops raining and being so muddy list…

  • Ride the horses
  • Take the chicks outside for their first breath of fresh air
  • Build the chicken coop
  • Start a garden

Normally I love rain but after this last go round with mother natures wet and soggy winter, I am ready for some much needed warmer days. I can’t wait to see how the chicks do in the green grass but R has informed me that I am not to let them outside till it is around 60 degrees. *sigh* Spoil sport! I let them loose in the house yesterday since I was stuck at home due to flooding. It was fun watching them analyze everything and move around as a little group. They stuck close to me but not too close. Their little feathers are downright crazy right now and I find myself often chuckling at them while wondering what they will look like once they are all grown up.


I still don’t have names for two of them. Lily is the only one with a name. The other two are called chirps by R and Chicks by me. One day we will come up with names.

My mares had to be moved to stalls inside the barn so the retired mares could have the barn for cover. Penny the stubborn mustang paced for hours before finally settling down. Sophie was fine with it all because she had dinner. I let them out yesterday morning in the round pen to play for the day and it was awesome to see Sophie bucking, running and acting like she had never had so much freedom before (though she is in the huge round pen 99% of her days). Penny on the other hand rolled and rolled and rolled. I can’t wait to be able to ride again when all this mud has finally dried up. Right now the fields are too slick and the barn is covered in mud.

One of the things I vowed when I lived alone after I split from my ex-husband was to learn to cook and to try new things. My ex had done a bulk of the cooking and I was convinced I couldn’t cook. Turns out I was wrong. It has been so much fun learning how to pair certain tastes together and how to prepare all kinds of meats/vegetables. But I had still never tried spiraled vegetables and I was dying to try them. So last night I finally used my vegetable spiraler and it was so much fun.

Simply Zucchini noodles…

Peeled the zucchini and spiraled them-


Heated up a pan with butter and olive oil. Sautéed the zucchini for roughly 5-10 minutes-


Then poured about 1/4 cup of water in there and let them soften. Baked some salsa chicken to go over the top and added some goat cheese.


Even R was impressed on how good it was. I can’t wait to try more vegetables. It is so easy to use and cuts right through the vegetable with no problem.

I got the simple SpiralLife for like $15 on Amazon. Simple and works for me.


Maybe I will spiral everything in my vegetable drawer this weekend. LOL!


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