Yes, I said chicks

I know, I know, I haven’t written or called or posted an update at all. I will confess, I haven’t been cooking either. Between starting a new job which changed my schedule and upping my commute time by an hour each way, things are hectic daily. We moved the horses aka the ladies to the property we are living on. Which has been amazing as well as a lot more work. On top of California going crazy and having an actual winter, one with tons of rain and icy mornings. I am loving spending every other weekend running to the snow but sad that riding has come to almost a standstill.

Christmas was spent quietly with family. We opened up the gifts we sent R’s kids with them on video chat and then rode all around the back 10 acres on the quads. After we cleaned up we headed to my mothers for an amazing dinner. I didn’t want for anything for Christmas, just time with R (he didn’t abide by that and ended up spoiling me) but I did sneak in one present to myself…

img_20161229_224551_467 I can’t wait to give it a try. I have been wanting a spiraler for almost a year now for zucchini noodles! I can stop drooling over everyone’s zucchini noodles and now I can make my own!!

I will make another confessions, for the first time in a very long time, I don’t have any resolutions for the new year. R and I finally set down our wedding date, placed a deposit on the location, I have a beautiful wedding dress hanging at my Mom’s house, I love our little house in the country and I love my new job. I didn’t feel horrible about 2016. I felt it was a year of growth and change for me, but all of it I was okay with. I learned a lot in both 2015 and 2016, hard lessons, good lessons and just feel that for once I am not feeling like I need to do the whole new year new me thing for 2017. I have some goals, marry my best friend, get stronger in the saddle, work on my health some more and gain more financial stability. But I wouldn’t call them resolutions, more like goals.

The new year started with R and I spending a long weekend with his son. We rode trains, went to the snow to take him sledding for the first time, went to the beach and built epic Lego creations. I laughed and just had an amazing time with two of my favorite guys. We visited a small little farm that was full of pigs, cows, horses, chickens, goats and a huge garden. I bought some small carrots, beets and goat cheese. For the first time in months I was really excited about cooking something.

I created a beet salad with tomatoes and goat cheese. Then steamed the small carrots with green beans. Added some lemon chicken and it was a very delicious meal. There is just something about fresh vegetables that make me want to cook again.

Now for the most exciting news, there are a few new members of our little house that recently took up residence in our bathtub. Yes, I said bathtub.


Meet the three chicks that are living in a metal tub in my giant bath tub. For the last year I have been asking R for chickens. I made arguments ranging from fresh eggs to they eat bugs. I researched, looked up coops and even resorted to asking for a box of chirps for Christmas. But Santa did not deliver. Then, a week ago, R showed up to my work with a chirping box in the backseat. My own three little two week old chicks. A silkie, a sizzle and a frazzle. They are adorable.


They don’t get as big as normal chickens and they are considered the friendliest of the chicken breeds as well as they have the craziest feathers. Just what I wanted! Already they are good natured and handle being picked up pretty well. One even loves to bury itself in R’s beard while we watch TV. I was worried about them disturbing us since our bathroom is in our bedroom but they go to sleep at the same time we do, so there is no chirps keeping me awake. I am in love! One is named Lily and last night I was informed by R’s daughter that one is baby chickie and the other Jacob. LOL! Not sure about those names but they work for now.


R has an order in for two sex link chicks that will be born next week. The only reason we are getting them is because they will lay more eggs and bigger eggs. My little chicks rock but don’t lay huge eggs or a lot of them, so two sex links should balance everything out.

I am in chicken coop planning mode. We have an old dog house I am thinking about using for the coop, fencing off a corner of our yard then covering it with mesh to keep bigger birds out. Hopefully I can socialize the dogs as well and have them help guard the chickens. Red, the old lady dog I am not worried about at all, but Arya is a little bit more mischievous so she will need a little more work.

Fresh eggs ya’ll, I am super excited!

Once winter is over I will be starting a garden and I can use some of the chicken poop to fertilize the vegetables I plan on growing. I have plans! So many plans! I have always wanted a little land where I could have chickens, horses and a big garden. Luckily we are lucky enough to live on this beautiful 18 acre ranch.

So tell me, is your 2017 going well?!


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