Making the cut

It is cherry season and I am eating them by the bag fulls. Every road side stand I see I want to buy more and more cherries. It is a serious problem. Better then being a smoker again though.

Lately I have been cutting things from my diet. I know that food effects my PCOS and I know that food can alter my hormones in ways that can really upset the balance I have worked so hard for. So every so often, when I have slipped off the band wagon of eating what is healthy for me, I have to start taking things out of my diet.

Lately that has been dairy. I know I can’t drink milk. Haven’t been able to for years but I always assumed that my problems with milk didn’t have any link to cheese or yogurt or cottage cheese or my beloved ice cream. All things I love to eat. Turns out, I was wrong on that. The things we tell ourselves in order to keep our bad habits.

Recently, I started noticing my body wasn’t really happy with yogurt or cheese or really anything dairy. Even my beloved butter was irritating my stomach and condition in ways that I never thought possible. So I did what I do best, I did research on the link between PCOS and dairy.

I found some interesting articles. This one from was a good one for the pros and cons. PCOSdiva wrote an article about the cons of dairy with PCOS as well that had many interesting points. Annie F Downs went 7 months without dairy and had amazing results. All these articles kept pointing me in a direction that both made me want to cry and laugh at the same time, dairy isn’t all that great for women with PCOS (or in some cases for people in general).

Now I am not going to stand on my soap box and preach about the negative effects of drinking something that is meant for a baby cow, nope. I think each person is different and has to do what is right for your own body. Mine doesn’t want much to do with dairy anymore. So I have slowly been pulling away from dairy. I stopped ordering cheese on things. I stopped putting it in my salads. I peeled it off my pizza the other day (not that pizza is all that great either). I even stopped bringing it to work for a snack. I have been exploring alternatives to yogurt in my morning smoothies. I have stopped using sour cream on most of my dinners (it was an easy fall back on chicken or with roasts etc). I never realized how much dairy was in my life until I started trying to cut back on it.

So far I have noticed less bloat. I bit less stomach issues. I feel a bit better. I was struggling with some nausea after eating my snacks of cheese and I don’t have that problem anymore. It isn’t easy, I crave cheese and ice cream but I know it is slowly making my stomach feel better again.

At the same time that I am cutting a lot of dairy out of my life, I am also eating days of vegetarian meals. I have even started ordering a few vegetarian options when I am eating out. I am also not eating red meat or fast food and I am staying the hell away from soda. All things I know better than to touch but slowly slipped into the habit of eating again. I am really concentrating on lean meats (fish, chicken and pork), vegetables, fruits and staying hydrated each day.

It is a tough job to figure out what works for your body, especially when you are eating with a health condition that is really effected by food. Most days I don’t worry about weight loss as much as I worry about what makes me feel better. Living with a condition that on the bad days can make you sick that you don’t want to leave the house is already hard enough, I don’t want to make it worse by constantly feeding it food I know irritates me. So I am willing to make sacrifices and cut things in order to gauge what makes me feel better. Even if that means no more ice cream runs!

What foods do you find that irritate your PCOS?


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