A little break…

Sometimes you need a weekend of no plans and to just play things by ear. Which is exactly what I did this weekend. Saturday was a walk along the river with the dogs while the storm clouds moved overhead and then we spent the rest of the afternoon reading our books plus napping on and off. Both of us have been running non stop for weeks so to say we were exhausted is an understatement. With a little more sleep in our system, on Sunday I took R to one of my favorite places, Bassi Falls.


Years and years ago I was looking for a way to make weight loss more fun and I came up with hiking. At some point I fell in love with hiking to waterfalls and started hunting down any waterfall to hike to around the city. Bassi Falls was a beautiful hike that popped up in my radar and now I hike there at least a few times a year. I always try to make one spring trip with the waterfall gushing at its hardest but I also enjoy warm summer days sliding down the rocks and swimming in a little private swimming hole. It is about an hour and a half drive from the city with no cell phone service as you wind up a mountain road. There is so much beauty and quiet all around that you can’t help but relax instantly. Actually, one of my favorite camping spots is just down the road from Bassi Falls as well.

This year the waterfall is gushing from all the rain and you could hear it a good half of a mile away. The water is flooding areas I have never seen it flood before making beautiful mini waterfalls as it makes its way down the mountain.


One of the fun things about Bassi Falls is all the boulders you get to climb over. It is like getting to hike and rock climb all rolled into one.


The two big dogs love hiking Bassi Falls. They get to be off leash and just run around like crazy dogs. Arya isn’t the biggest fan of the water but Red will jump right in. Plus they like the part where we sit on a rock and eat snacks.

20160522_153247_wm The many goofy facial expressions of Arya!

The first couple of years I hiked this area it was really hard on my body and I would go home very sore for several days. But these last couple of years I have managed to tackle the rock climbing with more ease and even tackle my least favorite hill without too much crying.


This hill might look all sweet and innocent but don’t let it fool you. This innocent looking hill is what you have to climb to get to your car. So after a day of playing on the rocks and hiking all around exploring, suddenly you have to climb this monster and it is wicked. I remember the first year I thought I would never make it to the top. To be honest here, I cried the first time I had to climb this hill. It was a huge reality check for me on how far I had let my body slip into being out of shape. How much I had let the PCOS take me over. This hill was so hard for me to climb I literally cried half way up. There is my real confession for you. After that I was determined to get better at hills. Get stronger. Never cry while walking uphill again. Two years ago I made my best time ever up this hill with barely any rest stops. This year, I was a bit slower than two years ago but still made it up faster than I did when I first started coming here. I might have put a few pounds on (I call them my happy relationship pounds) but I haven’t lost all my endurance just yet.

Who is ready for camping season??



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