Weekend Adventures

It has been three weeks of non stop going and I think I am burnt out with a capital B. But I did have some fun and some adventures. Especially this last weekend. Friday, R and I went back to our hometown to attend a masquerade ball my sister invited us to and it was a blast. There was only one stuck zipper dress mishap but luckily one of my sister’s friends corseted the top in a hurry. It looked decent too. The rest of the night I danced till I thought my feet would fall off.

Saturday we walked with friends along the headlands right by the ocean because let’s be honest here, most days I miss the ocean more than I actually miss my hometown. After that we spent some time with R’s family that still lives there. His grandmother grows the most beautiful roses you have ever seen and they cover the entire property. The smell of roses just hits you as you drive in and it was like an instant calm to me. I ended up getting a giant bouquet of roses that has filled one vase and two small containers.


On Sunday, back in the city, we got up early enough to hit the farmers market. The fresh fruit is abundant this season and is all tasting so good. We got cherries, apricots, peaches, strawberry’s and plums. I also found some lettuce that is grown in water only with fishes that help it grow and the last of the asparagus for this season. I absolutely love having such a huge farmers market to go to on Sundays, especially since it is so much more affordable and the food tastes better than most store bought fruits/vegetables. Plus R has a rose guy that he strikes deals with and this weeks deal was four bouquets for the price of one.


I am not kidding when I tell you that my house hasn’t stopped having flowers in it for the last seven months. R always manages to sneak a bouquet in when the others are about to die. But this week I literally have roses on every surface in my house and it smells so damn good every time I come home.

After that we met up with my mom and her husband so we could tour the most beautiful historic mansion. There was this impressive 300 year old oak in the front yard that was simply magnificent. The entire place has such a good feel to it and I found myself really loving everything about it.

Needless to say I got in my goal for steps daily this weekend starting with Friday. I love unintentional exercise.

Knowing I was going to be exhausted this week and that meant I would probably try to eat out far too much to avoid cooking at home, R and I decided to food prep instead on Sunday evening while we still had a bit of energy.


I just sliced up all the fruit I got at the farmers market and placed it in ten bags. Than I made three lunches worth of fajitas without the tortillas. I also prepped a smoothie and froze it in my shaker cup overnight. Honestly, it has made mornings so much more manageable this week. I forgot how much food prepping does help.

What did you do this weekend?


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