Take a Hike

I have fallen into a bit of a bad pattern the last few months. It goes something like this, have bad day at work, come home, decide that cooking is out of the question, eat out and proceed to guilt trip myself for 24 hours before I rinse and repeat. I know I am a stress eater. It has been a problem since I was a child. I know that quitting smoking in October of 2015 (for the second time) triggered me to revert back to stress eating. I know that my job is high stress and lately it has been a little more stressful than normal.

When in times of high stress my weapon against eating myself into 300 pounds again is simple, exercise. Especially hiking. If I can get out of the city, get away from cell phone service and just see some beautiful sites, I can usually hit the refresh button long enough to feel myself de-stressing again.

So this last weekend that is exactly what I did. I hit the reset button in a beautiful location.

20160220_151400_wm (2)20160220_143912_wm (2)20160220_153106_wm (2)

The three dogs, the boyfriend and I all loaded up in the car and took off out of the city. Only a 45 minute drive away is a beautiful area that you can hike, pan for gold and even see an old mining quarry. This time around we decided to head to the waterfall over the old train bridge. Beautiful views of the river, the hills and of course the waterfall. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

By the time we were done we had done roughly 3.88 miles of a lot of uphills.

Screenshot_2016-02-20-16-52-39_wm (2)

Though I was sore afterwards, I was also really proud. A couple of years ago I cursed uphill treks and this year, even though I hadn’t hiked in a hot minute, I did good and I felt great.

This week starts my first week back to couch to 5k run training. I stopped running last year and I definitely want to start again before the Color Run in August. The weather is just perfect for it lately too!!

So what do you do when you have had a bad week?


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