Winter Blues

Anyone else feeling the winter blues?

California for the first time in a couple years is actually getting a good amount of rain, overcast days and cold weather. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am loving every minute of it but my body  got a little accustomed to sunshine even in the winter. Not to mention that in the winter by the time I get to work the sun is just peaking over the horizon and by the time I leave the office building the sun is already on its way to setting. I love love love rain and winter but all of this has resulted in a bit of the winter blues for me unfortunately.

“A feeling of depression or deep unhappiness associated with experiencing the cold and darkness of winter.”

Please tell me I am not the only one that this happens to????

The dogs are about sick and tired of being cooped up all the time as well. They have started getting into trouble and tearing up all the toys they can get their noses on. Arya even jumped up to grab her nose harness that was hanging the other day and now I have to replace it. Grrr. Not to mention Red dog decided to grab a rib bone out of the trash last week just so she could chew on it. Oy vey. It is like having toddlers with tails.

So Friday, knowing there would be a break in the storms coming this weekend, I requested some time off of work (love having random holiday hours to use) and decided to spend the day exploring a beautiful park in Elk Grove with the man friend. So I sent the big dogs outdoors to play in the back yard and we took off to spend the day exploring the huge park.


It was the perfect day. The geese were out. There was no one around but a few women feeding the ducks. There is two islands, one you can explore anytime and one that is closed up for weddings. There was a neat pavilion we poked around. Lots of fountains and even a dock we could walk out on. It was the perfect temp and there was nothing but sunshine to enjoy. It felt so good to get out of a building and shake off those winter blues.

Saturday brought rain again and by Monday morning I was chomping at the bit again to be outside. Thankfully, there was another break between storms and I had the day off due to a lovely holiday. So I sat outside on my front porch while the dogs played happily in the back yard and my indoor cat explored the green grass that has popped up from all the lovely rain.

Then I got the bright idea to grab Red dog and take her for a walk next to the river. I was desperate for a walk, she was desperate for fresh air and Arya was still on time out from eating her nose harness. So I loaded her up and took the 30 mile drive to a dirt county road where I let Red dog run her heart out and I walked along behind her watching the birds floating on the river.


Nothing makes me happier than watching my 13 year old dog run with her ears flapping and this goofy grin on her face. She is absolutely the cutest thing ever, even with her old dog selective hearing and grey face. I felt a little bad Arya couldn’t join us but that is what happens when you eat your harness and I don’t have a spare one anymore.

This morning there is nothing but tons of rain pouring from the sky again. I am feeling a little less blue but I will admit, I am looking forward to spring just a bit. Longer days and a little bit more sunshine sounds perfect right now. I have always preferred exercising outdoors vs being cooped up indoors.

So how do you deal with the winter blues?


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