Shedding Some Pounds and More

This morning I stepped on the scale… Anyone else weigh themselves first thing in the morning? I have learned that morning time is the prime time for weighing oneself. It takes out the wobbling my weight does after I eat through out the day. Hey a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

So, back to my story, this morning I stepped on the scale and for the first time I saw a number that I haven’t seen in a very long time. There it was, blinking up at me from my scale that I have spent a LOT of days cursing and I found myself laughing with pure joy. If I hadn’t been running a bit behind on getting ready for work I might have done a bit of a dance and maybe even thrown in some screaming for good measure.

I don’t see a lot of changes when I look in the mirror but that is because I see my own face every single day. I am terrible at looking in the mirror and seeing only my flaws. So this morning I pulled up a recent full body picture and a previous one from April of this year just to see if there were any changes.


I was roughly 325 in the picture on the left and now I am an even 300. Who knew 25 pounds could make such a difference huh? I started this journey at 335 pounds and wow does 35 pounds make an even bigger difference.

But I am not losing weight strictly for the body image. Yes, it helps, I like feeling more confident in my own skin and I like seeing the changes my body is making. Above all though, I FEEL better and that is what is the most important. At 335 pounds vs my now 300 pounds, I can feel the difference. My PCOS symptoms are easing up. I can’t even tell you the awesome feeling of having some control over my PCOS symptoms for the first time since I was diagnosed. I actually feel like I am fighting the symptoms and WINNING!

Not to mention my body feels a bit more stable. My acne has cleared up (except for during that time of the month). My clothes fit better and some of them downright fall off now. I have even been able to pull my belt tighter lately. My ankles don’t hurt as much. My knees don’t ache. I can walk for longer. I can move easier.

For example… I took the old lady dog for a walk last week around the park. It was a beautiful 87 degrees and we both needed the leg stretching. So we walked around the duck pond and at 325 pounds that would have been enough for me. But I found that now after that walk around the pond I just wasn’t satisfied. So I walked up through the park, around the back side and took the long way back to my car. Added a whole 20 minutes on to my walk and it felt great.

I don’t know if you know this about me but I have struggled with an eating disorder for as long as I can remember. I am a binge eater. During times of high stress I will eat and eat and eat even when I am not hungry. I will also eat nothing but junk food. I always thought I would struggle with this condition but lately I have noticed that now that I have gotten rid of a lot of stress in my life and a lot of baggage I was holding on to, I started dropping the weight that I never thought I could lose. It has become easier for me to eat healthy and make great meals at home. I find myself wanting to make good choices. It is like the weight was a big flashing neon sign of how unhappy I have been for so long. So now that I am shedding off the weight I see it as a reflection of the calmness I am feeling inside because of just getting rid of some toxic crap out of my life.

It really goes to show, what is happening in your environment can really show on your body.

I am now just 25 pounds away from my goal of being 275 by my birthday in October.  I wonder what I will look like at 275????

I feel good. I can’t wait to see how much more weight I can drop. I am excited to keep this journey up and keep discovering how much healthier I can be and all thanks to that beautiful scale flashing that beautiful number at me this morning.


August vs April


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