Weekly Goals: Make Boring Fun

Good Morning. I know my weekly goals are usually on Monday but bear with me, I have been so busy between work and home that I can barely string a sentence together most evenings.  Hopefully soon I will get into a more organized system and I will start blogging more again!

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So I stepped on the scale again and lost another…
3.3 pounds

Feeling great about the pounds slowly inching down. My pants are fitting better and there is my favorite pair of loose boyfriend jeans that now require a belt. Slowly but surely I am watching the weight drop off. And it is all thanks to cleaning up my eating

Ya’ll know by now that I have PCOS and eating with PCOS can get extremely tricky. I eat low carb because it has shown great success before and my doctor suggested it. I read this fantastic article that basically explained that women with PCOS don’t need as many calories a day. So I dropped my calorie intake to around 1300 a day, dropped my carbs to around 100 grams a day and bam I have been losing weight steadily ever since WITHOUT feeling deprived or starving. Because I am eating better quality foods such as vegetables and lean proteins, my body seems to stay fuller for longer. It is simply amazing how eating can make such a huge change in this whole weight loss journey.

So what am I eating lately? I prep lunches of vegetables with sausage. I snack on pistachios or cherries or grapes. The most carb filled meal of the day for me is breakfast when I have some low sugar oatmeal and a yogurt. For dinner’s I stick to a lean meat and a vegetable. Some nights I just have salad or an artichoke. I don’t eat desert anymore or a lot of sugar. The weekends were where I used to get myself in a lot of trouble but now I just carry snacks around with me in my purse and make sure there are quicker foods to make for lunch. I am sort of amazed at how easy it can be to stick to a healthier style of eating once you have started!!

My thoughts have always been.. working out and eating healthy should be FUN not boring. Take cardio for example, I hate cardio, like HATE IT.

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But I try to do 20-30 minutes of cardio each day but I always dread it. But lately I have found some pretty fun HIIT workouts to do on YouTube. The great thing about HIIT, it is over within 20 minutes. Or I blast some Beyonce and shake my booty till I get a really great sweat in. These are my ways of having fun with my workouts and I don’t dread cardio anymore. Make your workouts fun people, it will make a HUGE difference.

So now on to weekly goals…

  1. Get out into the sunshine at least once a day.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff, stop stressing, stop over-thinking, just relax into life right now.
  3. Start sleeping, bed time has been craptastic, so get to bed at a decent time.
  4. Read more books, I started slacking on my reading lately and that is mostly due to my bad bedtime but reading has always been my escape.
  5. Drink that water.
  6. Do those workouts.
  7. Turn the TV off after 8 and settle into a hot bath or read or get ready for bed.
Workout Schedule…

Monday: 20 minute dance party + Arms/Shoulders/Chest.. DONE!
Tuesday: 20 minute dance party + Legs/Booty
Wednesday: 30 minute boot-camp disc
Thursday: 20 Minute HIIT Cardio + Abs/core
Friday: Off
Saturday: Yoga + HIIT Cardio
Sunday: Off

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