Weekly Goals: Chaos

Last week was one of those weeks where I was left feeling like a semi had rolled over on top of me. Work has been extremely busy and I have had strict deadlines every single day. Which results in my brain feeling like a wrung out wash cloth by the end of each day. I let that stress and exhaustion leak into my home life, where it combined with the home stress happening right now, which resulted in throwing off my whole damn schedule. I am one of those people that requires a schedule during the week to keep me accountable and on track. So needless to say, when there is no schedule, it is chaos. I work extremely hard, my job has a lot of stress attached to it but I absolutely love it, I just need to work on making the better choice each day when it comes to stress management or else I am going to burn out quickly.

On Saturday evening I got a message from an old friend I used to hang out with in my hometown. She wanted to go out to get a few drinks and watch some line dancing. I was so excited to get out of the damn house that I agreed to it and proceeded to get all dolled up, fed the dogs and then headed out the door for some much needed fun.

(My camera is horrible on my phone)
It was a ton of fun. We are talking, cowboy hats and boots everywhere, country music so loud my ears rang for an hour afterwards and of course, line dancing. I joined in on the one’s I knew and had a blast doing it. The problem was I noticed that I shrunk into the background a lot. I absolutely love dancing and love having fun but I was more reserved than I used to be. Maybe it is because of not going out for the last few years except for dates with my husband or more than likely it was because all of this fighting my weight constantly has taken a bit of a toll on my self confidence. I promised next time I wasn’t going to hold back as much and enjoy myself a bit more without caring what anyone else thinks. Not to mention, after taking almost two weeks off of exercise, I got winded line dancing, pissed me off. Either way though, I had a great time and stayed out till 2:30 a.m. 
Because my sleep schedule was thrown off and Bella Rue (dachshund) refused to let me sleep past 9:00 a.m., I was groggy and exhausted. So I spent most of the day Sunday in PJ’s, painting my nails…
And pampering myself a bit…
So now unto this week’s goals
  1. Stress management: Do something healthy each day that reduces stress. Like take a warm bath before bed with my book. Read my book. Do some yoga.
  2. Bed time: Get into that bed no later than 10 p.m. each night and set a routine back up. As in have a cup of warm tea with a warm bath 30 minutes before bed or something along those lines to help my body ease back into a regular schedule.
  3. Drink two 33 ounce bottles of water at work and two of my special water cups when I get home. Yes, I need more but I just want to slowly walk back into the habit.
  4. Make time for work outs at least 3-5 times this week.
  5. No more Mike and Ike’s or soda or junk food. Get rid of it. Cleanse the body. Eat low carb and high protein all week.
Summer is coming too fast and I need to get back into getting ready for bathing suit season. I would really like to rock mine with a bit more confidence this year.
Workout Schedule
  •  Monday: Dance for cardio + Legs/Booty
  • Tuesday: HIIT cardio + Arms/Chest/Shoulders
  • Wednesday: Dance for cardio +  Abs/Core
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: HIIT cardio + Legs/Booty
  • Saturday: Rest (or long walk)
  • Sunday: Rest
What are your weekly goals??


6 thoughts on “Weekly Goals: Chaos

  1. Wow you have me exhausted just looking at your workout schedule. I have faith that you can do it and get your weight to where you want it to be. I don't know what program you are using as a reference guide but I just did a weight loss class at the YMCA and it focused on Fat Grams instead of Carbs. It was much simpler to follow.

    I think I will write some weekly goals myself on my calendar and see if I can follow them. I have never been one on schedule for anything in my life, including delivery, marriage or work. I was late late to all of them and still am at work.

    If you are interested in the YMCA program guide please email me at bgt8ird@gmail.com and let me know. I will also post it in my Blog for today.

    @TrinaO'Neil from
    Walking My Own Path

  2. I don't mind working out 3-5 days a week, it is a great stress relief! It is getting everything else done that exhausts me lol.

    I follow low carb because it works extremely well with me. It was something my doctor suggested and I have been successfully losing the weight with it! But thank you, I will look into the YMCA one as well!

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