Five Favorites Friday

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I did not think I was going to survive this week. Mostly because I have been terrible about my bed time, we are talking awake till 11 p.m. and of course I am up at 6 a.m. every morning for work, so as you can imagine, I am a bit sleep deprived. Not to mention that all the animals have insisted on sleeping with me recently. I woke up this morning to find the old dog had wedged herself by my hip, the cat was at my feet and the dachshund was under the covers curled into my stomach. Talk about your not getting any moving room. But I am here, made it, survived, so let’s do a little five on five Friday to share some of these weeks favorites.

Five Things Friday Link Up via Fitting It All In


1. I stepped on the scale yesterday and it freaking budged. Okay, it didn’t budge, it dropped by 4.4 pounds, BOOM! I did a dance and wrote a blog post about it. That’s how freaking excited I was to see a damn lower number for the first time in MONTHS. But this morning doubt wriggled in and I got back on the scale just to double check that I wasn’t seeing things yesterday, another pound down. Whew it wasn’t a fluke. I am actually starting to lose weight again. Turns out, my doctor MIGHT have been right when she told me that the minute I cleaned up my diet I would start seeing the scale budge.

2. Each evening at 8 p.m., Big Bang Theory ends, I turn off the T.V., do the dishes, feed the animals, pack my lunch and then take the dachshund outside to get a little bit of fresh air before bed. She spends the entire time she is outside sticking her face in spider webs, barking at wind, chasing spiders around licking them and trying to catch mosquito eaters with her stubby legs. It cracks me up watching how busy she is each evening and it has become our little before bed ritual.

3. I found this candle at Wal-Mart and I am burning it almost every single night. It smells so darn good.
4. I have been wearing my hair in more braids. It is finally long enough that I can braid it and it looks good. Next week I am going to try a few sideways braids just for fun and explore different hairstyles I can do with my longer hair now.
Image result for side braid ponytail
5. The lip/cheek stain I got as a sample in my Birchbox (the little silver tube). This stuff is AWESOME! I am so loving it. I might need to buy a full size one soon! It gives my lips the perfect pinkish tint and my cheeks look fabulous as well. I am most definitely thinking I need a full size one soon.
There you have it. My five favorite things this week that are making me happy!! What are you FIVE ON FRIDAY??


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