Friday Favorites

I finally slept for a full 8 hours last night. It was like I woke up a brand new person. A couple weeks of lack of sleep will make anyone feel crazy and emotional. I really need to work on becoming a better sleeper.

Image result for lack of sleep funny
Okay, let’s do some Friday Favorites. I changed a few of the normal topics because I can. Okay, just because I didn’t have any recent purchases or recipes. 
Favorite Song…
I am going to admit this but I have been listening to a LOT of Taylor Swift right now. I know I know. I am far too old but I keep getting her songs stuck in my head. This one has been my obsession this week! 

Favorite Google Search…

I have my eye on a new tattoo that has been rolling around in my head for months now. I have two actually but the second one is a lot bigger so I am placing it on the back burner. Anyways, my new obsession, a crescent moon tattoo on my lower right back/hip area. Something like this…

Image result for crescent moon on hip

Just not the design. I want something unique drawn up. I just need to find the right artist.

Favorite Workout…

Image result for Autumn Calabrese workout

I adore Autumn Calabrese and her workout station on YouTube. She has this beginners ballet workout that makes me extremely happy. As well as her kettlebell legs and her booty workout. Yep, she basically kicks my ass or legs and leaves me so sore but happy.

Favorite TV…

I am currently very hooked on Burn Notice. Not only is the main guy dreamy and his girl side kick bad ass, I just love the story line as well. I am on season 3 now on Netflix because of course the show is already over after 7 seasons but hey, better late than never.

Image result for burn notice

Favorite Funnies…

Image result for treat myself at work

 Yeah, no, this rarely happens.

Image result for I want all this crap for a dollar

Haha, I said this to the grocery clerk the other day.

Image result for extra body fat

Seriously. Not that I need a ton of help in that area but um YEAH get off my stomach.

Does anyone else read these whenever they are having a bad day and laugh till they can’t anymore? Just me? Hmm.

Image result for I am 30 until I hang out with 20

Uh yeah, true that!

Image result for 3 out of 4 voices

Do they? I need to Google that!

I laughed far too hard!!

Okay, happy Friday everyone.

What are your favorites??


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