Stressful Week: Weekly Goals

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Last week was all kinds of bad. I stuck to mostly healthy eating and managed to work out a few days, but nothing like I wanted to. Stress and craziness sort of took over last week. Ugh. Let’s not even talk about the horrible eating this weekend and how raw my tongue is from eating sunflower seeds for hours while watching every girly movie I owned. Don’t judge. I don’t always handle stress like a champ!

So I set weekly goals last week:

  • Clean up eating EVEN MORE. Absolutely no ice cream. No pizza. No cheat day. Just clean eating for a full 7 days.
  • Get up in the morning for run training every other day and do my strength training in the evenings after work. Go hard on BOTH. 
  • Stay off the scale until the end of the week.
  • Drink more WATER and no more sweet tea, unsweetened tea only.

I didn’t do great on any of them. I barely drank water. I drank sweet tea with 23 grams of carbohydrates. I didn’t even attempt to get up in the morning to run because my bed time was horrible. But I did get better at cleaning up my diet till this weekend when it became a cheat weekend. Welcome to my crazy week last week.

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As for my workouts…

Monday: 30 minute boot camp and arms/chest/shoulders.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 30 minute boot camp and legs. 

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off

So that wasn’t the plan at all to only do two workouts but seriously it was a bad week. This week is not looking so hot for stress either, I have small claims court, a job interview for a promotion and about a million little errands to run. Luckily I get an extra day off tomorrow due to a random holiday. So with all the stress in mind that I will be dealing with this week, my goals are a little different. Especially after a weekend binge eating fest where I ate whatever wasn’t nailed down, did not work out and sat on my booty the whole weekend. I am not going to lie! 

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So now this weeks goals. Fingers crossed for a better week health wise.

Weekly Goals…

No stress eating. Prepare. Go grocery shopping tonight and make a meal plan for the week.

Schedule all my workouts around everything going on. Do them. It helps with stress. Don’t worry about so much what kind of workout, just work out and get the stress out of your system.

Do yoga and meditation a few times this week.

Drink more water damn it. 

No sweets. Make tea at home and bring it to work. No ice cream. No popsicles. Nothing with high counts of sugar or carbs. 

I promise to try to squeeze in a few more blog posts this week. I know I only did one last week but like I said, majorly overwhelmed. I can feel myself wanting to get overwhelmed already with this week but I need to stick as close to my routine as possible for my own sanity.

So how do you handle stressful weeks?

6 thoughts on “Stressful Week: Weekly Goals

  1. This week will be better!

    Hey – I always try to reply to comments you leave me via email, but you're a no reply commenter and I can't find your email on your site! If you comment again, please leave it for me and I'll shoot you an email back!

  2. I don't necessarily eat everything not nailed down, in fact, I am just the opposite. I don't want to eat at all because in my mind it causes more stress trying to figure out what to eat…ughhhh. I so understand about the stress. My daughter moved back in with me when she was pregnant and my son still lives with me as well so it is hard to have any “me” time. Hubby don't mind and probably wouldn't even notice if I wasn't home until he got hungry of course.

    Keep at it and you will get there. I know I need to work out more, drink way more water and not so much coffee but honestly after working 8 hrs a day in accounting and then picking up my grandson from daycare and watching him until his mom gets home, I am exhausted.

    Just breathe and it will eventually get better.

  3. Okay, I confess, I pretty much handle stress the same way. What stood out in your post is that workouts help with stress. That is so true, but in the moment I forget that, it just seems like another thing I have to do. This week I am going to try to remember…a walk will help!

  4. I am with you, I forget as well but each time you do it, you get closer to your goal. We find these coping skills and have an extremely hard time letting go of them. I hope this week is better for both of us!

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