Weekly Goals

I really hate starting out a Monday exhausted. Like really hate it. I wanted to be in bed at 8:00 p.m. but last night had other plans for me. So instead I am rocking an exhaustion headache. Being tired just comes with the list of complaints, groggy, loss of appetite, blurry vision, headaches, lack of motivation and I tend to grind my teeth more. Really, sleep is important with PCOS and even when you don’t have PCOS *sigh* 

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I had a really great weekend though. Spent some time running after a toddler and was super proud of myself for keeping up. One of my goals is to be able to keep up with a kid if I ever get approved to become a foster parent, I want to run and play. So this weekend as I was climbing monkey bars and running around, I felt proud that I was able to keep up. I was so sore that evening but I kept up all that day!! NSV right there. Also I had a really stressful end to my Sunday and to think two years ago, if I would have been stressed, I would have sat on my front porch smoking cigarette after cigarette. Instead I put my headphones in and worked out so hard that sweat was dripping down my face on to my floor. I didn’t want to stop even though every inch of my leg muscles were burning. When I was done I threw some chicken in the oven to bake and crawled into a nice hot bath. Now that is a MUCH better way to handle the stress in my opinion!!

I decided to step on the scale this weekend to see what was happening there and only 2 pounds down. Am I allowed to chuck my damn scale out the freaking window?? It made me want to curse at everything, damn PCOS, damn scale, damn carbs.

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So I sat down and really took a look at what I have been eating. I get it, I still have some cleaning up to do. There are still deserts sneaking in and I tend to lose control on the weekends. So time to get a little more strict on my eating plan as well as my work outs.

This week I laid out a shopping list, dinners are only proteins with a vegetable. Lunches will be grilled vegetables with kibosh sausage. Breakfast will be overnight oats. Snacks will be olives, snap peas and one Kind bar. If I want desert, I will get an Oikos yogurt that only has 18 grams of carbs in it. No soda. No pizza. No ice cream. None of it. Let’s see if we can get that scale to budge a little more this week.

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I have been doing actually pretty good on my workouts. But if I am going to do a mud run in less then two months, I want to up my endurance when it comes to cardio. I can lift weights for days, but I need to work on my cardio endurance a little more. So I have been debating the whole, wake up 45 minutes earlier every other morning to run train and do my strength training in the evenings. Seems like a reasonable way to knock out the run training right away and then get a better strength training exercise in the evening. I find that when I have to combine the two after work, I don’t go as hard as I could on either one. So I would rather be able to focus every other morning on run training and then focus solely on strength training in the evening. Also, I read this great article on running in the morning and it sort of sold me on it. One problem, I am NOT a morning person but I have been working on making my bed time consistent so I could slowly work on becoming a morning person. Wish me luck!

Okay, so lets do this, weekly goals this week

  • Clean up eating EVEN MORE. Absolutely no ice cream. No pizza. No cheat day. Just clean eating for a full 7 days.
  • Get up in the morning for run training every other day and do my strength training in the evenings after work. Go hard on BOTH. 
  • Stay off the scale until the end of the week.
  • Drink more WATER and no more sweet tea, unsweetened tea only.
Got any weekly goals? Do you run in the morning? Do you do two workouts a day?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals

  1. Love the Monday cartoon 🙂 If only I could remember how much more effective of a stress reducer a good workout is before I eat the cookies!

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