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Let’s have some random Thursday fun with Kristin’s kNook

Kristin's Knook

My face is like a baby’s bottom. Okay, so it isn’t that perfect but it is damn close. No breakouts now for over a week. Um I will TAKE IT! Can someone tell me what I am doing right? After the unfortunate incident with acne scrub where my face basically peeled off it’s first layer of skin (I am calling it how NOT to do a chemical peel), the new skin is all smooth and mostly blemish free. Either my hormones are finally balancing out or my simple approach of don’t use crazy stuff on your face is actually working. I will not over-think it, I will just keep taking selfies to document how lovely it looks.
I went to the first step in becoming a foster parent last night. A three hour long orientation. First of all I was shocked by how many couples my age were there. Holy cow, that is awesome! There was this one lady though who kept talking about safe babies, basically if someone were to safely surrender their child to say a fire department no questions asked. It felt like she was cheap baby hunting. I got a little pissed by the third time she mentioned it. That is NOT what we are here for. We are here to help kids and give them a safe place till they can be reunited with their families. If they can’t, then adoption is an amazing option and one I am looking forward to greatly. This isn’t a discount baby store, these are kids damn it. Ugh! The steps I have to go through to become a foster parent are overwhelming to say the least. But step one, fill out application is currently under way and so is step two, buy fire extinguisher. Wish me luck!! 
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I will be signing up for a mud run in May. I am so freaking excited. Way more excited than I should be to crawl over obstacles and slosh around in mud. But hello, I LIVE for this crap and then for the shower afterwards. I better start training to run. Only 5 weeks to go. 
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After the foster orientation I went to Denny’s and ate apple crisp. No shame. I think I deserved an ice cream after not rolling my eyes once during the whole three hour orientation. Come on now. I deserved it!!
I am starting to wonder where customer service went. I walked into IHop last night at 9:30 p.m. The waitress is this snotty tone said, “we close at 10:00 p.m. and we normally only take to go order this last, I just want you to know that so you can choose to leave.” Um what?? I am a paying customer. All I want is a quick desert and I would have been out of your hair by 10:00 p.m. no problem but since she was so rude I walked right out. I guess that IHop waitress can afford to give up tips?? And I am a big tipper. I worked in customer service for years and I know what you deal with, but smile and do it. I am not rude unless provoked. Promise! 
Okay, those are my random Thursday thoughts!! Hope you laughed a little with me and join in on the fun!! 

4 thoughts on “Stuff and Things

  1. My sister is starting the foster care process too…it is a huge undertaking. I completely agree good customer service is fading fast. My current pet peeve is when pay in advance for your food and they ask you to tip up front…nope, my tips are determined by the service.

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