What I Ate Wednesday

Happy hump-day. I am present and ready to share my eats. After my last run in with my doctor and finding out I was deficient on a few essentials like iron, B12 and Vitamin D, I have been attempting to add those in through my eats. I have to say, after a week of doing that, I feel so much better finally. Woot woot. I have also been working hard on reducing my processed carb intake and upping my protein intake again. I just FEEL better when I eat that way and I lose weight a lot easier. Plus ever since I reduced my carbs my skin has been behaving itself by reducing the breakouts. Which is AWESOME!!


So here are my eats…

I am obsessed with this Greek yogurt. It only has 19 grams of carbohydrates and it tastes amazing with some fresh fruit added in. It has become my favorite work breakfast.

Also for breakfast was a Kind bar. I don’t like the carb count on Kind bars but there is lots of other happiness in there. Whole grains. Iron. Lots of happiness that make up for the 23 grams of carbs per service.

My before lunch snack is pistachios. I am obsessed with these beauties. I don’t know why but I could eat and often do eat a whole bag to myself, of course I make it last a few days but still, YUM!

Lunch was chicken with yellow squash. I hated the chicken. Like really hated it. For some reason it tasted like it had a ton of water in it. I think I got a little spoiled by Sprouts chicken. Oh well. I dumped BBQ sauce on it and that made it a bit better.

I also added some salami for some extra protein and calories.

For an after lunch snack I grabbed these Milton’s Gluten Free Multi-Grain cracker and some goat cheese. Again, the carb count doesn’t make me happy (they have about 23 grams of carbs per 14 crackers) but they keep me satisfied for awhile so I don’t mindlessly snack before dinner.

For dinner lately I have been eating a LOT of brussels sprouts. I am obsessed. I don’t know when I started LOVING them so much but boy have I. They have so much goodness packed in them as well, including iron. I have been getting the big bag at Sprouts and going through them within a few days. But I needed to change things up so I made a steak with mixed vegetables instead. I threw some zucchini, yellow squash and butternut squash in together. It was amazingly great but not as great as brussels sprouts. I try not to eat a lot of red meat but it really has the highest iron and B12’s, so I have compromised my whole eat only lean meats with throwing in a steak for dinner a few times a week.

I have been working on not snacking after dinner. The struggle is REAL!! I am keeping to about 1500-1700 calories a day. I don’t want to starve myself because that doesn’t do anyone any good but I also don’t want to over eat my calories. Fine line, fine line. But I have been feeling better finally, so I am doing something right!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!! Looking forward to seeing other peoples eats as well. I love getting ideas.

So what are your eats??


8 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. I love me some carbs. They might even be a bestie of mine and the same goes for those KIND bars. They are full of so much nutritional goodness. Also fun fact, spinach and asparagus are both pretty good sources of iron, and I use them both a lot. I do defer to a supplement for my D though.

  2. I could never get behind Greek yogurt! Something about the taste just puts me off which goths mer because I know that it is so so so good for you!

    I LOVE Salami! I think it may be my favorite lunch meat. I feel like it does not get enough love so I was so happy to see a picture of it included in your WIAW!

    I am THRILLED to hear you want to lose weight the healthy way! Good for you!

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