Get Moving

Back when I was a couch potato, it felt some days that life was just passing me by. I was sad and frustrated but also very scared of leaving the couch. On my couch no one made fun of me. I wasn’t embarrassed by my sore ankles. I didn’t have to ask anyone to slow down for me. I didn’t have to admit that I felt like I was trapped in a foreign body. I didn’t have to explain my PCOS symptoms.

Now, I am definitely more active. I would probably say that I do something active every weekend. I don’t want to go back to that couch or feeling that way, so I keep moving. I was even told the other day that it is always like I am trying to cram as much exercise, fun and sun into my weekends as possible. Probably pretty accurate these days. I started tricking myself into moving by doing things that were fun for me. Things like Geocaching and photography while walking. Anything to keep me interested in continuing to move.

This weekend was no different. I invited friends to go hiking with me around my favorite lake. I even stumbled upon two rattle snakes for the first time ever. Thank gosh no one got hurt, including the dog. I was still tired and fatigued from the week long cold epidemic but I did it. Yes, I had to rest more. Yes, I was a lot more tired than I normally am. Yes, I was a little embarrassed by my red face. But in the end, I did it and had a great time. If I hadn’t done it I would have missed out on a beautiful spring day next to a beautiful lake.

On Sunday there was a free day to go to a museum that was showing French art from 1890’s and 1900’s. As well as many other exhibits. I am in love with anything Paris and French, so sign me up. I spent a few hours walking around there and then had a picnic lunch in one of the most beautiful historical pioneer cemeteries. All I could think as I walked around taking pictures, smelling all the flowers blooming and reading the bits of history on the old graves was, if I was still on the couch, I would have missed all of this.

I would have missed out on the opportunity to have lunch in the middle of graves from the 1890’s. Among senators, supreme court justices and founders of the city I now live in.
I would have missed out on the beautiful blue skies.
I would have missed out on sitting under an orange tree by a beautiful fountain with the sound of the birds singing to me.
I would have missed out on all the flowers/trees starting to bloom and having the wind rain down white petals all around me.
I would have missed walking around and seeing how lovingly people have cared for the old graves. 
Spring has become one of my most active times of the year because the temps are perfect and there is so much to do before the heat of the summers settle in, making the city unbearable. It barely costs anything to pack a lunch, grab a camera and wander around taking pictures. It barely costs anything to go for a long hike with the dogs, maybe a few bucks in gas to throw in your tank and a bit of lunch but that is about it. I stand by that every step and every little bit counts. I made a theme for 2015 and the theme has been to let go of anything the feels like it is weighing me down and embrace the things that make me feel good. So far I would say I am doing exactly that each time I choose to get off my couch and explore the world.
How do you have fun while working out?

One thought on “Get Moving

  1. Love, love, love this post! I feel exactly the same way. Sometimes it is hard to get myself out there, but I always love when I do. And since I am a picture taking fool that is a great motivator 🙂 Such a beautiful cemetery.

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