Hashtag Humpday

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#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

I have never participated before so let’s try this out!! 
Going to the doctors office last week to get my yearly check up was NOT a good idea during cold and flu season. It just wasn’t. I have some sort of hack up my lung cold and everything freaking hurts. My roof of my mouth, my throat, my head, my eyes, my sinuses… #everythinghurts
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My house looks like a bomb hit it. There are unfolded clean clothes everywhere. Dirty dishes in the sink. I am barely eating so I am not even sure where those dishes came from. I can’t work out. The dogs are looking neglected. I didn’t shovel the yard before it started raining today. I need to run another load of laundry. I sound like Darth Vader. I am annoying my coworkers with coughing or sneezing every five minutes. I get home from work and want to go to bed at like 5 p.m. Someone bring me soup, take me home to sleep and come clean my house for me. #butyouhavetolistentomewhine
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I read a child’s chapter book last night. For some odd reason I had downloaded it on my kindle and thought I would give it a try. And no I don’t have any kids to use as an excuse for downloading it and reading it. I just kept thinking damn this is such a simple book, why is it so easy to read. HA! Turns out because it was written for young pre-teens. I blame the cold. I am not thinking straight. How do you review something like that on GoodReads?? #adultsneedfeelgoodbookstoo #blamethecold
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I have ripped my second pair of PJ shorts in the last month. Either my thighs are getting huge from all the squats and hiking or I need new PJ shorts. I mean they are five years old, that means the fabric could be wearing thin, right? RIGHT? #Ithinkmyshortsshrunk
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The ice cream man has started driving around the block again (when it isn’t raining) and every time I hear the jingle I really want ice cream. I know that this helps him with getting business but I kind of want to throat punch him. #noicecream 
On the 18th I have my first foster orientation and I am super nervous. I know it is just to get information and see what we need to do to become foster parents but I also sort of want to impress them with a dazzling first impression. The problem is, I suck at first impressions because I am sort of awkward when I first meet people. #awkwardturtle
Okay, so what hashtags do you have for this week??

10 thoughts on “Hashtag Humpday

  1. I feel your pain with the being sick thing! My laundry is overflowing, dishes are everywhere yet I haven't cooked and my to do list is at 0 until I recover. Maybe your yearly appointment during this time is a good thing and they'll give you good drugs to recover quickly! Feel better and thanks for linking up!!!

  2. haha! Awkward turtle! Me & the youth kids do that all the time in church 🙂

    I try to stay away from the doctor during cold/flu season. My mom was in the ER in the midst of the outbreak of it & I think I bathed in hand sanitizer … 100 times…

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