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* I threw out all my sugar yesterday per the doctor’s orders to go back to low carb.
I was all strong till I had dinner and wanted desert. Than I regretted it. So I made bacon to console myself and while eating the bacon I Googled how healthy bacon really was to see if I was going to have a heart attack. Found a great article but I still am not sure how I feel about bacon other than it is damn tasty. These are the random things that happen when the husband works closing shifts. 
* Yesterday I had a run training session planned but I was tired and worn out. So I instead did something I hadn’t done in a couple of months, I rolled out my yoga mat. There isn’t a ton of space in my living room but there is enough. I put my headphones in and did whatever felt right.
* I am reading another sad book. I just finished up The Girl on The Train which was definitely a sad but great book and now I am reading If I Stay. I am on a streak here, I am on my fourth sad book and I am getting antsy for a really good fluff read. I need happiness and romance thankyouverymuch.
* I am dreaming of summer. The husband’s birthday is in the middle of the summer right around a holiday weekend, which means I have to plan way in advance. I just found the best birthday present for the husband and I am pretty excited. I am also really missing sunshine. Some days I feel like all I see are these cubicle walls except for two days a week when I get to escape out to the sunshine. We need sunshine days like snow days. Just a day to go out to soak up vitamin D. It would greatly help I think on office happiness.
* My cubicle shares a wall with another cubicle. Not a big deal, just not a very good sound barrier. I wouldn’t mind that much but my coworker on the other side talks to herself constantly about everything. She not only talks to herself she makes up silly songs about her cats, has loud phone conversations about how much she hates certain people and talks to inanimate objects like they have personalities. To each their own, no judgment, I got weird quirks but by half way through the day my eye is twitching and I have to put my headphones on. 
* I have been thinking a lot about where I would live if I didn’t live here. I am dreaming of green grass, sunny days and a big farm house. I have always wanted to own an orchid with a big garden and lots of farm animals running around. I love my career. I love my little home. I even love this city. I just sometimes get tired of concrete and office buildings. I obviously need an office with a window! 
So those are my random Stuff and Things for this sunny Thursday. Who is ready for the weekend??? I am!! 

6 thoughts on “Stuff and Things

  1. I love your blog! I found it through the link up on Hodges Podges. Good luck on your quest! I've struggled my entire life with weight—obviously some days are better than others but I know that as I get older the harder it gets. New reader 🙂 Happy Thursday!

  2. Girl, you are brave to throw away all of your sugar! I have been trying to cut down my sugar intake as well and have started eating more fruit to curb the need for dessert! I definitely let myself have a McDonalds ice cream cone last night though since it's better than eating a pint of ice cream, haha!

    I've heard Girl on the Train is intense but really good! It's the book for book club this month and I'm looking forward to the read 🙂

    Stopping by from Stuff & Things! Love your blog!

  3. Have you heard of or read any Sarah Addison Allen? If not, try “Garden Spells”. It's not exactly fluff, but it is delightful and a good one to read if you are done with heavy stuff for a bit. she has a bunch out, but Garden Spells is the best.

    Good for you for avoiding dessert. I have noticed sometimes that I get such an intense craving for sweets that I will mindlessly snack in order to make up for it. So now, I will just have a little sweet (I am really into puffed wheat cereal from Trader Joe's that is sweetened with agave).

  4. I just read her book, Lost Lake actually. Great read. But I will have to try her Garden Spells. I love a good read!!

    That is a great idea. I am going to try that. Eat a tiny bit of something sweet (but still a little healthy) to stop the cravings for candy or sugar. Love it! Thank you.

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