In the Kitchen

I have been having an issue lately with the scale not budging. I seem to be maintaining beautifully but not dropping. Not something I am really that happy about to be honest here, especially since I still have a lot of weight to lose and I feel like I am working out a lot. My endurance is improving. I am seeing bits of muscle definition. I am feeling better. But that scale is still not budging. So I brought this up to my doctor yesterday. Who told me first of all that I should ease up on worrying so much about the scale, concentrate more on how my clothes feel and if I am moving down inches because muscle weighs more than fat. Then she told me that exercising is great, it does so many good things for our bodies but in reality, when it comes to weight loss, I won’t lose weight unless I become stricter on my eating. Weight loss is done mostly in the kitchen. She mentioned that if I continued to exercise and eat the way I have been, I will continue to just maintain my current weight.

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I have to tell you, I always assumed exercise and healthy eating were equal parts of the weight loss equation. I also always thought if I worked out really hard that I could cancel out what I ate. I had heard rumors about how your eating habits can really hurt your weight loss but I figured if I was good most of the time, I would be fine. Turns out I was WRONG! Whoops!

Clean eating is a very controversy thing to say around people. Especially anyone losing weight. We all think we know how to best eat. I try not to push my ideas on to people. Instead I work with my doctor on an eating style that works with me and my condition. That eating style happens to be low carb. I don’t like how I feel when I eat a ton of carbs. It makes me bloated, sick and I gain like 5 pounds instantly. I am not joking. This is something that has worked wonders in the past for me, drastically cutting back on sugars, processed food and carbohydrates.

So I talked to my doctor about taking out the sugars/carbohydrates again. Concentrating on lean meats, nuts and vegetables instead. She suggested I shut down the kitchen after dinner and stop any night snacking (GUILTY). She also said to give myself a free day, one day a week or every other week I don’t worry so much about what I am eating. That way I don’t feel deprived and I can sustain the eating style for a lot longer. This is why I love my doctor, she works with me and she is always willing to give great suggestions.

It isn’t that my problem is I don’t know how to eat. The problem is that I am tired after a long day, the last thing I want to do is fight a bunch of other people to go grocery shopping. So I haven’t. I have been eating what is convenient which obviously is not the right choice. So last night, I forced myself to go shopping and I forced myself to throw out all the sugar in the house. I packed the fridge full of healthy options and the husband is at home prepping a few healthy dinners for the week before he goes to work.

I really want to see that scale budge. After all, I am working out hard!

Today’s eats… A strawberry, banana, spinach smoothie this morning. I have some pistachios to munch on. I also am trying these new gluten free everything baked crackers by Milton’s Craft Bakers with some goat cheese.

Here is to hoping the scale finally budges now that I have a better plan of attack!! 
What are your favorite snacks??


4 thoughts on “In the Kitchen

  1. It really is hard to figure out that it really is more what you eat and not how much you work out. Something they rarely show on The Biggest Loser (yet another reason that show bugs me). I'm glad you have an awesome doctor who teaches you these things!

  2. I totally understand. I've also gone through long periods of the scale not budging. Once I focused more on clean eating (cutting out the fast food, packaged foods, etc), the progress came faster. Bread/carbs were also a HUGE issue for me. It took awhile to get it under control. I had to learn the hard way just how much the carbs were killing me. Stay encouraged. Consistency breeds progress!

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