Join in the fun with In Residence and Dearest Love.
Dreaming: Of summer. I don’t like the heat of course. I could do without the 100 degree days. BUT I do love the baseball games. The hiking. The camping. Long walks with the dogs on the days that aren’t over 90 degrees. I like the long days of sunlight so that I know there will still be sunshine when I get home. I also love getting out of the heat of the city and escaping into the cool forests just an hour drive away. 
Planning: The husband’s birthday. It is right in the middle of summer on a holiday weekend, so I usually start planning right about now. I already have a wonderful idea and I am working on making it happen. He loves anything camping or hiking. So I am combing the two of them if everything works out.
Making: I am trying to finish my latest knitting project, a new couch pillow. I am on the backside now and getting so close but finding the time lately to knit has been next to impossible. 
Baking: Anything chicken lately. Salsa chicken. Chicken with veggies. 
Watching: The Big Bang Theory. I don’t know why but I have started to really like that show. I watch it in the evenings after I work out and make dinner. Then I turn off the t.v. and go read my book. 
So what are you currently??


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