Clouds and Fun Things

Happy Monday. I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I was so warm and comfortable. Who is with me?? So to motivate myself to get out of bed I picked out a simple bun up-do to rock this Monday and my favorite pink sweater. It is the little things that keep me going I swear. Take that Monday!! (I got the hair style idea from The Freckled Fox)

(Next time I need to split the top piece more but not bad for the first try)
I finally got rid of all my face irritation. If you don’t have any Aquaphor in the house, get some. I am telling you, a few days of using Aquaphor and everything cleared right up. I am going to stockpile it for future episodes. 
Now, about this weekend. I moved from a small town that was abundant in beaches, redwood forests and hiking trails to the city 8 years ago. I love the city for so many different reasons but I have a confession, after awhile I get burned out on pavement and traffic. So I make it a point to get all my adult responsible stuff done Saturday so on Sunday’s the husband and I can go on an adventure. Something that involves getting fresh air and escaping the city a bit. Whether that’s hiking to waterfalls or driving to the beach on a day trip or going for long walks by the lakes. Anything that involves taking fun pictures, stretching my legs and beautiful nature, you have my attention. Luckily most of those things are a short drive away.
This weekend we decided to explore gold mining country because the husband is history obsessed and me, well I am cloud obsessed. 
I have a ton of cloud pictures on my phone and camera. Don’t judge. They are so fluffy!!
We walked around every mining town we drove through. Peaking in antique stores, chatting with the friendly shopkeepers, taste testing olive oil and stumbling upon some really great little free museums. As well as a very neat cemetery. Another little obsession of mine, historical cemeteries. 
I try not to worry too much about food when I am out having fun. As long as I am not emotionally eating or over indulging, it doesn’t matter to me. Plus who can resist a candy store chock full of my childhood favorites?? Or a road side stand with their versions of juicy twists?? I know I can’t.
My legs hurt from all the walking up and down hills in the little mining towns. So I would say I got a pretty good exercise in as well. 
It was a good day. A lot of fun AND exactly what weekends should be. Fun. With a bit of adult responsibility thrown in for balance.
How was your weekend??

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