Lift all the Weights

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It is no secret that I like lifting weights. I prefer swinging a kettle-bell or doing squats over anything cardio. For some reason I feel leaner and meaner when I lift weights. I actually feel like this spare tire around my middle (again, thanks PCOS for that one) shrinks more when I lift all the heavy things. Besides all that I would rather be toned than skinny any day!! So when I stumbled upon this gem of an article recently from breakingmuscle about how women with PCOS SHOULD be lifting weights, I got all kinds of excited. Excited enough to want to share it with YOU lovely readers.

Go ahead, click the link, read the article. I’ll wait right here.

Done? Good!

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My favorite part of the article was…

Progressive strength training increases the size of skeletal muscle and might enhance the muscles’ ability to manage glucose. Researchers believe that these adaptations result in increased insulin sensitivity independent of a woman’s weight. So, even if regular visits to the weight room don’t move the numbers on the scale, a woman with PCOS can still improve her overall health.” Source

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Now with that in mind, of course I am still run training. Hello, I want one of those metals you wear around your neck for completing a 5k. I just have never found that I particularly like cardio. For me it is a evil necessary to get over with as soon as possible. Like waxing or doing the dishes. It is the thing I do so I can do the fun stuff, like lifting all the weights. Basically if I don’t run train, which is a mixture of walking, running and cussing, I do a 15 minute HIIT cardio workout and then call it even. I will always spend way more time lifting weights because that is what motives me to work out.

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So my question for you, which do you prefer, strength training or cardio?


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