Sensitive Skin

Technical Difficulties. I am attempting to transfer my blog over to WordPress with a different name. So you will have to forgive some of the technical difficulties. So behind the scenes right now I am trying to teach myself to import my old blog posts from this blog and make the transition as flawless as possible. Bear with me! Changes are coming!

So in the mean time I will talk about skin. Specifically the skin on my face. It is PISSED off lately. I had the weird rash chemical thing that took almost a week to heal. Now I have another rash from waxing my eyebrows. Holy crap face, can we talk about this??? Where was the warning that you were suddenly going to have a melt down??!! I don’t know if it is the hormones are a little wacky, OKAY they are ALWAYS wacky with PCOS but maybe I am off balance more than I thought I was.

I remember in my 20’s (I am making it sound like I am way into my 30’s instead of just 30), we shall say early 20’s, I barely had a lick of acne. Maybe one thing here or there but nothing major. I never used face cream and I was lucky if washed the make-up off my face every night. Ever since my late 20’s and now early 30’s, I am locked in what feels like a never ending battle of what won’t piss off my face today? It would appear my skin decided it was a little sensitive and now everything is irritating it. Does it help that I am under a lot of stress lately, not getting 8 hours of sleep every night and not drinking enough water? Probably NOT!

Aquaphor has become my best friend. I don’t know if you have ever used Aquaphor but this stuff is the rock star of hydration. Every single time I get a rash, I dab a bit of Aquaphor on my face and usually overnight the rash starts to clear up. Today I even got brave, didn’t put on cover up and am now sitting at work with just Aquaphor on my face. I consider that very brave with all the rashes I am currently sporting. Luckily according to the husband he said you can barely see them, he is either talking me down from the ledge or he honestly doesn’t see them. You never know!!

So I have waved my white flag. I am doing a reset of sorts. I have made some goals for myself over the next couple of weeks…

Drink plenty of water

Keep to my strict bed time

Cut out dairy, sugar and anything else that could be irritating my skin

Stop stressing so much- take it all one day at a time

Wish me luck! In the mean time leave me your skin tips in the comments. I could really use some right now!!

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