Coping with Stress

I took this last week off from workouts so my face could heal from the angry chemical rash. I tried a few times but it was amazingly uncomfortable to have a sweaty face or any kind of heat. So I left it alone and wallowed in self pity. Which basically translates into I ate whatever was in front of me and didn’t bother to track my calories. Bad weeks happen. I am not going to beat myself up over it. 

I noticed that I was getting snappish for no reason. That things were getting to me that normally don’t. That I was 100% moody this whole damn week. It wasn’t a particularly bad week so I was baffled. Then the right side jaw pain started and it spread to my head in the form of headaches. By the end of the each day I would lay in the dark trying to relax my jaw. What the hell body??
I couldn’t take not working out anymore, so on Friday I convinced the husband that walking to get our dinner would do us both good. My face has mostly healed and feels much less sensitive to everything. After the first 15 minutes I could feel the pain in my jaw start to ease up a bit. By the end of our 45 minute walk, my jaw was sore but not hurting sharply anymore. I crashed into bed at 9 p.m. and passed out immediately. I guess I needed a long walk and a good sleep. This morning I got up right out of bed and went for a run training session with Arya. After I got back I was feeling so good I decided to throw in a kettle-bell workout for fun as well. No jaw pain. Slight headache but nothing like I was experiencing over the last couple of days. 
I guess I am still learning how much exercise keeps me sane. But it is the first thing I want to do when I am dealing with stress. I want to sweat it all out of my pours till I feel better. I would say these days I use exercise to cope with MOST of my stress…
Get a bad text, call, email… go for a run training session
Have a bad day at work… lift all the heavy weights
Someone is being exceptionally irritating… go dance it off till I’ve calmed down
I am having a bad PCOS day… take a walk
When I quit smoking, stopped allowing myself to binge eat and was diagnosed with severe anxiety I had to find some healthy ways of coping with it all. My PCOS couldn’t handle my old coping mechanisms. So I did, I started working out every day except for rest days.  I guess when I take that away from myself (even if it is for a good reason like to heal) I am left with jaw clenching and snappish moods. It is a good lesson to learn.
So how do you cope with everyday stress?

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