Acne Face Wash

So I am here to tell you about my experience with a product. I wasn’t given the product and asked to review it. I bought it on my own. I just want other people to know my experience so they don’t end up with the same results I did.

Now you all know by now (hopefully), that I love trying new beauty products. Especially if they work. Recently I ran out of all my face scrub. I love face scrub. I do it once a week to just take off dead skin and help with the whole PCOS acne thing. So I ran to Wal-greens to see what I could find. I wasn’t set on a certain kind of face scrub because I was going to see what I could find that was new. I found a Neutrogena oil-free acne wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub that looked fun.

It was referred by Allure according to the bottle, it said it was gentle for all face types, it was a scrub and it was supposed to help with acne. Now I am normally use Clean and Clear when it comes to face wash but I really thought I would give this one a try.

Now I don’t consider myself as someone with too much of sensitive skin. I mean, my skin is a bit moody and when my hormones are off it causes acne around my chin. But I used a hair removal cream that for the most part doesn’t really irritate my face, so I figured acne wash that said it was gentle enough for all face types wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. My normal wash is a Clean and Clear sensitive skin face wash simply because I use it daily to get the make-up off.

So on Wednesday night I scrubbed my face, concentrating on my chin mostly and got out of the shower. Right away I noticed that there were all these red marks on my chin. I assumed it was the acne medication just bringing the pimples to the surface which has happened to me before with the Clean and Clear acne treatment I used to use. So I put on some extra moisturizer and went to bed. I woke up with still some red spots but nothing massive. So I skipped my morning face scrub and instead used it that night. Then I used it Friday morning. By Friday at work I started getting worried. My face was flushing a burning red and it felt super hot to the touch. Like I had gotten too much sun. So I went home and just washed my face with my normal sensitive skin face wash. I decided to stop using all products to figure out what happened.

By Saturday my skin was super sensitive and had a rash all over it. The worst being my upper lip which felt like it was dry and burned all at once. I slathered some sunscreen on for our hike but left my face bare until dinner. The minute I put make up on my face got hot and red. It eventually died down but it was weird to say the least. Now I do have an Irish complexion, when I get mad or sad or drunk you can see it in my rosy cheeks. But I was none of those things, so this was odd.

On Sunday I woke up with a red rash on chunks of my face and all over my upper lip. I was horrified. I looked horrible. Blotchy, red, hot skin all over my face. I started Google searching everything I could find. I upped my water intake (which I needed to do anyways) in hopes that it was simply dehydration or something along those lines. I kept all product off my face. On Monday my face started really itching and getting a rash. I had alligator skin everywhere and nothing was helping. So again, I left it with no product. By Tuesday I was almost in tears. My face was so horrible feeling, peeling and looked terrible. I sat under the fan in my bedroom with the a/c running to get some cool air on my face.

So I did some more research and carefully read the face scrub bottle. I decided to do some research on the salicylic acid that was in the product and wowzer. If you Google this product you get a ton of chat forums about how other people just like me had the SAME REACTION. Red, hot, rash, burned face. Turns out it is a superficial chemical burn from the acid in the product. Now I don’t know why this product wasn’t better tested but if there are THAT MANY complaints about it on the internet with such similar tales, maybe you should pull it for a bit till you can figure out why it is chemically burning people’s faces. Nuetrogena is supposed to be a good company and I was shocked to discover that they would even continue to make this product.

Now that I know what is is I am keeping Aquaphor on it to keep it moisturized. I am drinking water like it is going out of style in hopes that my body will keep my skin moisturized from the inside out during the healing process. I haven’t taken any overly hot showers, I keep the water cool on my face and don’t spend too much time in the hot steam. I have been using cold compresses when it starts to really bug me. My lip still feels weird. My face itches like crazy. But it is at least starting to heal finally after almost 5 days of hell. Today I am at work with make up on and it feels heavy still. My face is still warm. My left side was definitely effected more than my right side. My upper lip got the worst of it. It is not a comfortable feeling at all. I am still itchy. I still feel uncomfortable. I don’t like how my face is looking or feeling right now at all.

I haven’t been able to work out since Sunday because sweating makes it hurt worse. I haven’t been able to sleep really well because it is uncomfortable to try to sleep with a burning hot face. I am cranky. My anxiety has been high because when you have something like this and anxiety combined, it makes for a lot of jumpy nerves. I am hoping tonight when I get home, wash off my make up, put some more Aquaphor on it, it will finally feel better and I can get a restful nights sleep. This has been the adventure from hell and honestly it was a simple face wash, it shouldn’t have these kind of results.

I am super disappointed and will never try anything with acid in it again. Especially nothing Nuetrogena. This is crazy. I have used Clean and Clear acne products before without these horrible results. I don’t know if it is the scrub or what but my suggestion, don’t use it. I am currently in contact with Nuetrogena through Twitter and their online complaint form to see if I can get my money back for this product but in the mean time I didn’t want other women to go through what I went through. I would like it better if they pulled the product for now and did more research on it but I will settle for making a few complaints, writing a review and writing a blog post to try to warn others.

So have any bad experiences with chemical acid in your face wash?


4 thoughts on “Acne Face Wash

  1. It is really disappointing for me to read this! I bought the Acne Wash earlier today with some good expectations. Anyway, I will try it to see myself how it works. Thanks for the thorough review. Greetings, Morden Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  2. How strange. I've used this product and it was fine. One thing that I do find that people do incorrectly with scrubs is that they scrub too hard. You're apparently supposed to just use very light pressure and let the exfoliants work gently. I'm so sorry to hear that you have a bad reaction to it šŸ˜¦

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