A Little Sweat Mixed With a Lot of Sweet

Anyone else love Monday’s off of work? I sure as hell do. I have already set a doctors appointment for next week, emailed a new dental office to inquire about services and set up an eye appointment in two weeks, all while still in my polar bear pajamas. Now that is awesome.

This weekend was pretty awesome in general actually. The husband and I for the first time in years ventured out of the house on Valentine’s day for an actual date night. One of our goals as a couple is to spend more time dating each other and so far it has been pretty nice. So when Valentine’s day fell on a Saturday and the husband was able to get it off work, we jumped on the opportunity to plan out a fun day together. Starting with a beautiful hike at a new place.

The lake is normally a lot higher but with the drought conditions the last two years it has dropped pretty low. So we started off at the beach area that was once underwater and spent an hour exploring.

It was a lot of fun, we took just Arya because the old lady dog Red has been sore lately and Bella Rue just came out of heat (we really need to fix her). There was a ton of fools gold to look at, funny rocks sticking out of everywhere that are normally underwater and of course it was a beautiful day. 
Next we drove to the same lake but the wooded hiking trails and explored there for an hour as well.
It was a quiet day without a bunch of people on the trails and we were able to take our time taking pictures of everything we saw. They had these signs every so often explaining the wildlife and plants.

I have to admit, my energy levels and endurance has gone up a bit. Hiking for two hours before was doable but hurt half way through before, but this weekend I didn’t feel sore till that evening. I was running up the paths and taking pictures. It felt really great to get out in the sun. I really hope to be able to hike this area bit more before the heat of summer settles in, it really was a beautiful area.
After that we explored the historic part of the neighboring city and then went home to get ready for date night. I had made reservations at the husbands favorite place and boy was I glad for that, the wait times at 5:30 p.m. when we arrived were 45 minutes. 
After dinner we went to the movies, where I had bought prepaid tickets to see 50 Shade of Grey, withhold judgment please, I was mostly curious to see how they ended up making it. It was a very full theater and we had a good crowd. There were lots of couples our age and couples even way older than us. It was a little awkward to watch the sex scenes with a theater full of people because they showed a lot of boob, but all in all it was still fun. Honestly for our first Valentine’s day out in a long time it wasn’t so bad and I made sure to order somewhat healthy without a ton of splurges. I figured a little splurging was in order after a two hour hike anyways but I didn’t want to go overboard of course.
The only crappy part is this random rash on my face. Luckily it isn’t that noticeable but I can feel it. I am not sure if it was the hair removal cream I used on Wednesday or something else, but my face is angry. I am letting it stay lotion and make-up free for a few days and drinking a ton of water. I have a doctors appointment for next week if it doesn’t get better. Weird skin issues suck. They especially suck when you have PCOS and eventually know you will have to wax your face again in the near future. 
On Sunday I got in a good kettlebell cardio workout and arms. Today, once I finally decide to get out of my pajamas, I will be doing some sort of outside workout with the dogs who didn’t get to go hiking. My goals this week are at least 4 days of working out, stick strictly to low carb and drink at least 100 ounces of water a day. Hopefully this face thing will go away soon as well!!
How was your weekend? 


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