Rest Days

A couple years ago I was a different person. A really different person. I would say even up to a year ago I was a different person.

It used to be that I would come home after a long day and sit on the couch where I wouldn’t move again till bed time. I would eat dinner on the couch. Watch T.V. Veg out and basically use it has a reward for a long day spent out of the house doing adult things (work, school, errands etc). If I was being honest, I didn’t have a lot of energy anyways. I was unhappy. I was frustrated with myself. Why couldn’t I get up and make dinner or clean up the house? I would tell myself I was going to do it every night and every night I wouldn’t. The husband and I used to fight over chores. Who did more. Who needed to do more. But mostly it was my own guilt over not doing much of anything except for my one day of deep cleaning a week. I would ask my husband to get me a glass of water or grab me random things, all because I was lazy and exhausted all the time. My PCOS symptoms were out of control. I was miserable on that couch every single day.

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Things are a little different now. Now I get home, throw open the windows, let the dogs run around outside, start dinner, put on some workout clothes and bust out a great workout. Then I sit down to eat but get back up afterwards to clean up the kitchen and do any light cleaning that I can get done. I rarely sit still these days. I rarely become a couch potato. I even find that most days I am not interested in watching T.V. The husband and I no longer fight over chores because it no longer feels like one person is sitting on the couch while the other cleans. I don’t ask my husband to get me things, I get them for myself. I have been known to do squats and lunges while at work because I hate sitting for too long at my desk. I love taking a walk during my lunch break.

Yesterday was a rest day.

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Which meant no workout. I struggle with rest days now because I like working out. I want to throw on my workout clothes and bust out a good sweaty workout after a long day. But my body also needs days where I am not pushing it beyond its normal comfort level. So I ate dinner and sat on the couch watching T.V. for about 30 minutes before I got really bored. I was antsy. I wanted to move around. Do something. Anything.

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It all started with the spare bathroom. It was a mess because it is the main bathroom the husband uses. Normally I leave cleaning up to him but he has been working a ton of closing shifts lately. I scrubbed that bathroom till it shined.

Then I drifted into the office where I filed all the miscellaneous piles of paperwork and got my tax documents organized. Which lead into cleaning up the cat food area. Which lead into cleaning the rat cage area. Which lead into sweeping the floors and organizing the book shelf in there.

I wandered into my bathroom. I opened the cupboard underneath the sink and cleaned out all my old samples, cosmetics and crap that collects under there. I organized my shelf in there. Scrubbed my toilet. Swept and mopped.

I went into the laundry room/mud room/dog room and cleaned up in there.

I took out all the trash.

I swept and vacuumed all the hardwood floors (my whole house is hardwood floors and tiles).

I steam mopped.

I did the dishes.

I folded the clothes.

By the time I was done it was time for the husband to get home. His comment, “wasn’t it supposed to be rest day??” HA, I guess it was!!

My point is this, it is still odd to me that I want to move around and be active. I spent a lot of years letting PCOS drag me under and being completed exhausted by the symptoms. I spent years being lazy and sitting on the couch doing nothing. I spent years making excuses for myself. Now I don’t. I workout because I know it will make me feel better. I move around because sitting for too long makes me stiff and sore. I also fear falling back into couch potato mode. It was depressing sitting on that couch all the time. It was depressing only moving around when I was at work or school. It wasn’t fun. I feel better when I stay active. I smile more. I don’t struggle with my anxiety as much. I don’t feel the PCOS symptoms as severely. Being active has done so much more for me than a number on the scale. It has changed my whole view point on the quality of my life and how much I value myself!!


2 thoughts on “Rest Days

  1. Possibly the best story ever! It's so fun to be able to look back and see how far you've come. I'm pretty impressed that you got all that stuff done before your husband even came home!

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