I have been afraid of starting the C25K program again. I have been afraid that my endurance up and took off on vacation. You know how sensitive endurance can be when you don’t use it. It gets its feelings all hurt and then just bails on you when you finally decide you are ready to start up again. I pictured my endurance lying in a hammock with a margarita in its hand laughing at me trying to run without it. But I loved training to run last year. I felt so strong and bad ass. I wanted to feel that high again. I needed to build up my relationship with endurance again.
Tuesday was my first evening back at run training. I laid out my running clothes in advance and tried so hard to pump myself up. On Tuesday evening I didn’t want to do it. I was nervous. I was trying to convince myself not to go as the husband chatted with the Blue Ray help desk lady, I sat on the bed fully dressed in my work out clothes having a conversation with myself…
“You know, we could just eat dinner and call it a night. We have been good for 3 whole days on workouts.”
“But we said we wanted to run that 5k this year.”
“We still have time to train.”
“But we wanted to really train slow and build up our strength with running.”
“Yeah but aren’t you proud of those 3 days of workouts?”
“Yes but I would be prouder if we kept our streak going and went out to run. We didn’t lose 4 pounds last week by sitting around.”
By the time the husband got off the phone my good angel had won. I was tying on my shoes, leashing up Arya and we were going to run. My reasoning was simple, if my breathing was really horrible or my legs were not able to do it, then we would speed walk. I could at least speed walk.
Now the reason I took Arya and not the other furry minions (aka dogs) is because Arya is going to hopefully become my running dog. Red is too old now (hip issues). Bella has too small of legs (mini dachshund). Arya is perfect. I sound like Goldilocks and the three dogs over here. Arya behaves so much better after a run and I have been working a LOT on her training. She is a great dog but she needs a lot of discipline or else she gets destructive. So I am building her mileage with me and training her how to run with me. She is pretty well behaved on a leash since we got the gentle leader but she still needs a bit of work. She tends to side swipe me at times. But the biggest reason I take her is because she is also way more protective, so on those evenings the hubs can’t join, she is perfect for helping keep me safe.
Now is where I tell you the ugly truth about that first run back…
That first few running intervals hurt my lungs. I was bent over after the first interval convinced I was going to collapse from not being able to breath. I felt horrible. I almost stopped running and just walked home but the husband kept me moving forward. But as I kept doing run intervals, I started to remember, breath in through the nose, breath out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Calm. Controlled. By the last few intervals I felt great. I was giving it my all and really concentrating on not letting my breathing get out of control again. It was perfect, well except that I was a tiny bit shy of a mile. DARN!
This weekend I have another two running sessions planned out that I am actually looking forward too. Now that I know that not all my endurance left me, I feel good and strong. Ready. Excited even.
Do you battle with your endurance?

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