A Good Start To The New Year

I kept tossing around the idea of changing my blog name for 2015. As 2014 came and went I worried that my blog title didn’t quit fit anymore. Finding a Skinnier Me started off as a weight loss blog a few years ago and now has a little bit of a different focus. A lot of my posts revolve around gaining ground with my PCOS and learning to be healthy with this condition. I found that after struggling for years to find the right doctor who could help me, the right medication, the right information and the right eating style, that I didn’t want to see other women out there struggling with PCOS to feel as alone as I felt most of the time growing up with this condition. So my focus shifted a bit. I went from worrying about a number on a scale to worrying about how I felt on a daily basis and I started sharing my struggles with PCOS more openly. I started concentrating on fighting the fatigue, headaches, fogginess, etc that comes hand in hand with PCOS and sharing it all with my readers. This blog still revolves around being healthy and losing weight (though I will admit random posts about knitting, crafts and reading slip in all the time). I don’t plan on deviating from that much at all in 2015, so the FASM blog shall stay the FASM blog (for now).

Happy New Year!

One of the things I love about the New Year is all the possibilities that open up. I can see the year clearly how I want it to go. Will it go that way perfectly? Probably not, but it gives me hope. I am always excited to jump right into my goals and that is EXACTLY what I have done so far.

Goal number 2 was to get more organized with my weight loss. So I headed to Target on Thursday and discovered they were having a sale on planners. For $10 I got a planner that had the perfect amount of room, one calendar was set up like a normal calendar where I now write in all my appointments and there was a second day by day calendar as well that I now write down my food/exercise plans. It is literally perfect and exactly what I had in mind.

I immediately put it into good use and also worked on goal number 1 of being more involved in cooking. Basically I wrote out all my dinners that I want to cook, mostly vegetarian and then organized them on my day planner based off of the husband’s work schedule. I am currently keeping it on the counter to open up every day to check for my workout. I have also recorded down my weight and plan to track it there each week. It has made my control freak tendencies very happy!!
Back to goal number 1, too be more involved in cooking. Sunday morning the husband taught me how to make the perfect omelette. I have never been an omelette fan so I never learned how to make them but they are literally the easiest low carb breakfast out there to make. He taught me to wilt spinach, soften up mushrooms and chives, cook up some ham and throw it together with eggs, feta and cheddar. It was the best omelette EVER! I also helped throw the ham in the oven for a few days of eats as well. I love dinners that are big enough to cover a couple of days but burn out on them pretty fast after those couple of days. 
I have to say, with the exception of the pizza I ate (which was thin crust), mostly my weekend was filled with good food choices and that makes my PCOS happy. Not to mention that when you cook that food yourself, it tastes like 100% BETTER! Who knew?? Okay probably anyone who cooks more often than I do but I am just discovering the joy of cooking over here.
Goal number 4 of donating food and time to the local food bank was worked on a bit as well. I went on a huge healthy grocery shopping trip and needed to get rid of those pesky carbohydrates sitting in my pantry. Things like, 3 bags of rice (Why do I keep buying rice when I hate it so?!), cans of vegetables (Anyone else hate cans of vegetables?) and canned salmon (um ew). I have it all bagged and ready to be dropped off this week. I would have normally threw those things away, so it feels pretty great to instead be donating them to families that need them.
This week’s workouts are all at home. I am not sure if I will get a gym membership again in the future but for now I am working with the tools I have at home. Since it is still FREEZING out there right now I am doing my boot camp disc or YouTube workouts or kettlebell workouts at home. By this weekend it should be warm enough to start the C25K beginners running program again and I am looking forward to it though also dreading it with my sore ankle. I am really hoping to get some strength back in my ankles soon. It is funny how much you lose when you take some time off of exercising. I didn’t realize how much strength I had gained when I was consistent. Now I know. Now I can do better.
So how is your week looking? Getting going on your New Year’s goals yet?

2 thoughts on “A Good Start To The New Year

  1. Thank you! I never thought I liked omelettes but I have been looking at food differently these days, concentrating on how healthy they are for me and worrying less about if I used to like them or not. Turns out I am a fan of good omelettes and quiche. Ha!

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