I Smell a Fresh Year

2014 had some great memories and so many changes for me.

I feel like my blog changed and morphed more right along with me. Some of my favorite blog posts of 2014 were: Being 300 Pounds, I Quit, Gym-midation, Let’s Banish Negative Self Talk, The Physical Part of PCOS, September is PCOS Awareness MonthMomentum, Increasing My Mileage, The Uglier Parts of PCOS and last but not least How Do I Survive This. Check them out if you didn’t catch them the first time. Tell me your favorite.
Anyone else get really excited about a new year? I do. It feels like a fresh start. Like there is a 365 paged journal sitting blank and waiting for you to fill in all the details. Which always leaves me giddy and excited.
I don’t like to make resolutions. I have never really liked that word..

“Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.”

To me there should be some flexibility in there. You don’t know what the new year holds. So I like to set goals instead.

“The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.”

I decided to make 10 goals for this next year. Simple goals. Goals based off of making slight changes or doing something special for a charity. Goals that were based on things that make me happy. So you won’t see any crazy goals like, lose 100 lbs this year. Does that mean I won’t be working on being healthy?? No! Of course I will and I still made some health related goals for this year. I am excited though. I have been thinking about these goals for months now. So you know they have a lot of thought and careful consideration thrown into them.

2015 New Year Goals

1) My first goal is to be more involved in cooking. For years the husband has been the chief around our house. He is great with meat and comes up with creative dishes. So I got really lazy and just let him do all the cooking. Problem is, now he works a few evenings a week and I am stuck making dinner. Whoops. So I have been hunting down vegetarian low carb recipes to try because you don’t want to see me cook meat (not after the chicken and then the steak incident). I am pretty excited to start sharing recipes on this blog again and to get more involved in what I am eating.

2) Get organized. At work I have about 3 calendars at all times keeping track of due dates, training and court hearings. Seems excessive but I am efficient and organized at work. At home, not so much. I have taken to carrying a pad of paper around with me and using it to record workouts or dinners. Not a great system. So this week I am going to hunt down a good planner to use. One I can pre-plan my workouts and track what I am making for dinner on my nights. Somewhere I can make notes. Something that keeps me a little more organized on my get healthy journey.

3) Knit preemie beanies and donate them to my local NICU. I love knitting and I have a ton of soft spare yarn. What better way to use it then to knit some preemie beanies and donate them?? If you know of a good charity that does something similar, let me know in a comment below, I am always willing to mail them somewhere as well.

4) Donate food and my time to the local food bank. I believe in the food bank. I believe in what they do and I believe they make a difference to a lot of people’s lives. I want to give my time and food to this organization whenever I can. I can’t promise it will be a lot but I hope to find time for it at least once this next year.

5) Run that 5k finally. I walked my Color Run last year after months of preparing. Why? Because after months of being super proud of myself and watching my body grow in strength, I got hit by drama and it knocked me completely off track. This year I am not going to allow myself to get knocked off course again. I just want to do it once, just because it has been stuck in my head for years, just once I want to run a 5k not walk one. Once this cold snap is over, I am getting out there and training.

6) Turn the shed into a workshop for the husband and I. All last year the husband and I hunted at yard sales and estate sales. We picked up so many great pieces for our home for cheap. It has been a lot of fun finding these projects that need some paint and love to make them really great. Though most of the bedrooms are done (master, office and spare), we still need to work on the patio, kitchen and living room. But we need the space to work on these projects and the perfect space is our big old useless shed. So the husband and I are vowing to get out there, clean it up, make it functional and use it as our workshop to create things like, a TV stand out of an old dresser.

7) Take some college courses for fun. I got my degree. I love my career. I worked my butt off. Then I took 2 years off from even thinking about college. Now that I am rested, I am looking forward to taking one class a semester for FUN. I know, what a concept. Things like photography and psych are on my list.

8) Take the first step in becoming a foster parent. The husband and I have talked about this in great length. We are ready. More than ready to take the first step in gathering together information regarding becoming a foster home. We need to see if it would be a good fit for us. It makes my heart happy just thinking about it honestly.

9) Start a garden. I really really need to start a garden this year. Grow my own vegetables. Get my hands dirty. It makes me so happy to eat fresh veggies from my own garden. All I need to do is figure out the perfect spot, make beds and find a way to keep the doggies out of them. Then get the starter plants I want, figure out when they need to be planted and viola, a garden will emerge. Hopefully.

10) Practice mindfulness. I feel like I got a good grasp on how to deal with my anxiety but I am ready to get a little firmer in it by focusing on accepting my emotions as they come. Yoga has been a great way for me to practice mindfulness and I am looking forward to exploring that further in 2015.

I am ready to meet a new year. Really ready. I feel like 2014 was great in so many ways but also bad in so many ways. The end of the year was horrible but there was also a lot of drama in 2014 with the people around me. It felt like someone was always angry, upset and sending me a text about it all. I felt caught in the middle a lot and unfairly accused of things even more. So I am really kind of just ready to say good bye to 2014 and all the drama. Helllllooooo 2015, let’s have a great year!!!! 

So what are your goals??

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