Happy Holidays

This year I am not doing anything fancy for Christmas. I am content with just getting an extra day off to sleep in, watch Christmas movies, spend time with my husband and work on my knitting projects. To some this may seem weird. Don’t I travel? Don’t I go see family? No. I don’t get extra time off for Christmas. Christmas day is the only time I actually receive off and I am okay with that. It is quiet around work and if you are a legal professional you know that quiet days = productive days. I get to catch up on all my filing, indexing and small tasks that get pushed to the back burner a lot.

These days I am content with the small things. A stolen day off during the week, receiving a personalized Christmas card in the mail, crawling into Christmas PJ’s, a fun Christmas movie ready to be watched, all the Christmas lights glowing, my husband next to me with our animals safe in our warm house and some mint hot chocolate. Add in some knitting needles with a project on them and I am a happy camper. That is all I really need for the holidays.

Do I still wish for things like a sewing machine so I can start all those sewing projects sitting on my Pinterest cue? Hell yes I do but eventually I will get one for myself. Do I still wish that my family could all sit down in the same room for a holiday meal? Yep but unfortunately the holidays seem to bring out the absolute worst in them so it is safer to not have them all sit in the same room for everyone involved. Do I miss my Nannygoat (great grandmother on Dad’s side) and the way she got everyone together for the holidays? Every single day. But I am also extremely content with spending time with my husband, the family I have created with him and following our own traditions that we have carefully chosen over the last 10 years together. I have grown accustomed to not having a huge family around me or traveling for the holidays anymore.

All in all Christmas is a time to be thankful and let the magic fill you up. Even if there are no presents under your tree or if there isn’t a big ham waiting for you in the oven. It is a time to be content with what you have and spread as much love as possible. I find great joy in cheering up someone else’s holiday season with a personalized card or something I knitted specifically for them. I know that some are struggling through this holiday season and my hope is that someone special makes it just a little bit better for you.

So I hope everyone has a great holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I hope you let the magic in and feel like a kid again. I hope that you feel loved and content. I hope that you spend it with the people you love and make some new traditions. Above all, remember, people matter and love matters.



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