Eshakti Review

(Disclaimer: I received a product free of charge in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. This is an open and honest review.)

So I have something very exciting to share with you guys on this lovely Friday. You all know I LOVE fashion. I really really love it. I carefully pick out my outfits and will spend good money on certain clothes but really I prefer to find great deals. So I am very excited to share a review with you readers today.

Recently I got the chance to pick an eshakti item to give a try and write a review about. So of course I accepted. Who wouldn’t?

One of the first things I noticed when going to the website was that there were so many great pieces for every body type and they have a wide range of sizes (0-36) to choose from. As a plus size girl who has a bit of a funny shape (thanks PCOS), it was really nice to see that Eshakti had sizes for every body type. Not to mention they customize everything. Also delivery was super fast and the customer service was amazing. Those things are very important to me as well as getting a great product.

I ended up choosing the Tiered Cotton Voile tunic because I love my leggings in the winter but don’t have nearly enough tunics to wear with them. I was after something comfortable but also could be dolled up a bit for work.

Tiered cotton voile tunic

Of course I chose to customize it because well that is the best part about Eshakti. Ultimately I decided on 3/4 sleeves and for the shirt to end at my hip. I saw that the model on the website was wearing it longer and looser but I prefer to have a longer undershirt that peaks out and a tighter fit to the tunic. I am not a fan of anything that drapes on me simply because it makes me look bigger.

I was so excited when the tunic arrived and I wasn’t disappointed at all. This tunic is truly beautiful. My favorite part is the little flare at the bottom. It gave the appearance of cute little hips and took a lot of focus away from my stomach (my trouble area). Not to mention it gave the tunic a fun flare to it.

The material is cotton and semi sheer. So I paired it with a dark undershirt and it worked perfectly. 
It is the perfect tunic to pair with some leggings and a great pair of boots. I have even dolled it up a bit for work. Honestly my pictures don’t do it justice. If my husband could have managed to take a few nice full body shots you might have seen it a little bit better but all in all, it is a great shirt that looks fabulous. I just throw it on with my black leggings, grey fuzzy boots and off I go. Comfortable and super cute.
So head on over to eShakti to customize something of your own. They have plenty of dresses, super cute tunics and shirts on sale right now. They also have some amazing Christmas dresses right now because you know you will need something special for that holiday party. Not to mention if you are a new customer, you can get a $30 coupon, hello, why haven’t you clicked over there yet??
You can also connect with them at Facebook and Twitter.

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