A Very Crafty Christmas and The Perfect Weekend

Oh, hello Monday, I am not ready for you. I was happy in my weekend bubble. For two whole days I didn’t have to deal with deadlines or non stop craziness or documents stacking up. I had a to do list because well I always have a to do list, but I was casual about it, if it happened great, if I didn’t get to everything, whatever. It was just one of those easy going and fun weekends.

On Friday night I just needed to sleep, so I stuck myself in bed and woke up mostly refreshed on Saturday morning. Which meant I made a great brunch for the hubs and I both Saturday and Sunday. I even set out the good china. Breakfast burritos on Saturday and waffles galore on Sunday. Not the healthiest of foods but I was really okay with not worrying about it this weekend.

Life is too short to NOT use to good china whenever possible. Even if it just means having a nice quiet homemade brunch with your hubs, while watching the dogs play in the backyard and reading the paper. Plus we never use the table, most days we eat in front of the T.V., so it was nice to have an excuse to chat and eat together.

I also crafted my heart out this weekend..

The husband took a bedside table out of the spare room and set it up in front of the T.V. for me. Normally I craft in my office but we haven’t set up the T.V. in there and I like to have noise in the background while I work away. It was a genius idea really. When it wasn’t in use we tucked it behind the chair but when I needed it, we just pulled it out and I had a flat surface to work on. I got to enjoy the romantic glow of all the lights and my classic Christmas movies like Little Women, Sleepless in Seattle (can you believe the husband had never seen it??) and Christmas in Handcuffs.

I don’t have a Martha Stewart tree.. Our tree is filled with handmade ornaments from my niece, nephew and friends. Plus the last 10 years of a tradition of buying an ornament for each other every Christmas with my husband. Each ornament makes me smile with a memory and the year it came from. So I am okay with not having matching ornaments or fancy birds everywhere.Though right now the lights are bugging the heck out of me. I was exhausted and rushed when I put them on the tree. It is on my to do list to fix them.

Remember my Christmas craft list that I posted a couple weeks ago? Well, I was able to mark off a Christmas card holder and a stocking holder this weekend. It was actually a lot of fun and both were pretty simple. I actually found some fun stuff in my Christmas box I never got around to crafting last year, like the green board that was a kit with little wooden letters that I meant to paint last year. All I needed was some mini clothes pins, some hooks and a board for the stocking holder. I could practically live in Hobby Lobby and I found everything I needed for really cheap, plus they always have a coupon. The best find was the mini clothes pins for 99 cents because they were on sale. Woot woot! All together the crafts only cost me maybe $10 each.

I painted the base coats on both boards and let them dry completely. I really liked how the grain showed through the red to be honest or else I would have painted a thicker bottom coat.
Then the husband ¬†painted the letters for the Merry and Bright board and I decorated the stockings board. After that the husband added the hooks all staggered at different heights for fun and I hot glued some ribbons on. A few Christmas stickers and ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
(A place to hang the Christmas Cards)

(A place for the stockings till I move into a house with a fireplace mantle, one day)
Both turned out amazing. They add some much needed cheer to the house.
I also attempted to knit an ornament but unfortunately I took some time off of knitting for awhile this year and a few of my techniques got rusty. In the short of it, I twisted some stitches and had to unravel my project to start again sometime this week. Oh well. Practice makes perfect.
On Sunday the husband gave me permission to sit on my rear and do the Christmas cards instead of asking me to help him do the shoveling, sweeping, dishes, perimeter ant spraying and front porch clean up that desperately needed doing before the next big storm hits on Thursday. I really love sending out Christmas cards and I always do it in the beginning of December. I have a whole science to it, I buy a box of one’s that are just Happy Holiday cards for the people who don’t celebrate Christmas necessarily and I buy a box of Santa one’s for the other people who do. I make a list of everyone who is getting a card, making sure to mark the names I still need updated addresses for and marking down the correct names of spouses etc (especially now that most of my cousins are married). I add a personal message to each one, usually something nice about the holidays and the New Year coming up. I like people to know I took the time to write a nice message by hand and I like the personal touches. Then I normally add a fun sticker to the back. Takes awhile to be honest but to me it is worth it. Two boxes and 18 names later my hand was cramping and I still need to run to the store for another box because I am 9 short. Luckily I saved the one’s I don’t have addresses for yet for the second batch.
After that I squeezed in some nail fun.
I had to redo the snowman several times before I settled on just doing his face. Next week I am contemplating doing a strand of lights.
So that was it. Really lovely weekend actually full of the things I like doing for Christmas and basically checking things slowly off my list. It was nice. It was peaceful. I really needed it. But I am sad to see it go and to welcome a new crazy week.
How was your weekend?

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