Crafty Christmas Ideas

I might be trying to jump start Christmas a bit early this year. I am already humming Let It Snow while getting ready for bed or taking a shower. I have started tuning my internet radio stations to Holiday hits. I bought peppermint creamer for my morning coffee. I watched The Muppet Christmas Carol (my all time favorite Christmas movie). I pulled out the Christmas decorations and started sorting through them. I am impatiently waiting to get a Christmas tree and have had to really resist getting one before Thanksgiving. This year I have really needed the holiday spirit in a big way. I need for Christmas to feel magical because between crazy busy days at work and the daily stress of running a home, I am a little overdone and exhausted these days.

Last year I spent all my time leading up to Christmas finding the right presents for everyone on my list. I spent so much time shopping I never got around to baking cookies or doing some DIY Christmas decorations or even really enjoying the holidays. Not to mention with the record heat wave, picking out a tree in 80 degrees just sort of sucked the joy I usually get while picking out a tree. By the time Christmas rolled around I was burnt out, broke and cranky as all heck. I had lost the whole idea of why I loved Christmas in the first place. But this year I don’t care about presents, I care about feeling the happiness that comes with it being the most magical time of the year. So the husband and I agreed, instead of presents we will bake cookies, craft and make our favorite dishes together on Christmas day.

So what crafts am I dying to try this year…

1. A stocking holder:

(Source and directions)

I don’t have a fireplace mantel (though my next house will have one), so usually we just hang the stockings on the wall by the tree somewhere. But I stumbled upon this beauty on Pinterest the other day and about swooned. So simple. Some particle board, some stencils, some paint and some hooks. Voila, stocking holder. Boo ya!

2. A Christmas Card Holder:

(Source and directions)

Last year I hung my Christmas cards up on wrapping paper that I hung on the wall. Festive yes, durable no. So this year I stumbled upon this on Pinterest and loved it. Again, simple enough, some particle board, paint, some ribbon, a fun stencil, small clothes pins and a way to hang the sign.

3. Merry Christmas Jute Garland:

(Source and directions)

I thought this would be cute to hang on the tree or on the door or with a wreath. It is simple and easy and cheap. Who wouldn’t want this cute little garland hanging around?

4. Burlap Garland:

(Source and directions)

I love garlands. I just haven’t found many that I really really like. But this year I really want a garland for our railing outside, as well as for the area above the kitchen entrance. So when I found this burlap garland, I got really excited. Just the kind of look I was going for. This project will probably be the most consuming and frustrating. I have never worked with burlap but I have heard it unravels so you have to glue or tape it.I just need a fake garland, some lights and burlap. Wish me luck.

5. Pine cone candle display:


Above is not the exact picture. To be honest it is in my head more than anything but the idea is for me to gather together some pine needle bunches and birch wood branches and maybe some red berries, than arrange them in a basket or vase or wooden box with candles for a festive table centerpiece for my table.

Also on the list this year is adding fun stickers to my Christmas cards and baking lots of cookies to give out to the coworkers. Not to mention knitting of socks, a sweater for Bella and a stocking. I might even knit a few ornaments as well!

What arts and crafts do you have in mind for Christmas??



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