The Perfect Long Walk

I knew I needed to grab some extra miles on Veteran’s Day to make up for not walking at all the first week of my 30 miles in November challenge. So after I dealt with emails, phone calls and other miscellaneous stuff that stacks up around the house, I pulled my tennis shoes on and headed out the door with my husband plus two of the furry minions (aka dogs). We have three little monsters but when you walk them all together it can be a handful. So most walks we alternate who gets walked and when. This time miss energetic mini minion (aka Bella Rue) and old lady dog (aka Red dog) got to get out and get some fresh air.
Some days the only thing that gets me out and walking is the weather. It was perfect. Cool. Crisp. Cold breeze. Overcast. I could wear a long sleeve light sweater comfortably with my baseball hat. The air smelled fresh and clean. It felt like rain was coming.
I really love that there are so many walking areas around our house. There is the path we nicknamed the dog path, mostly because everyone treats it like an off leash dog park though it isn’t officially. It is technically three sections of tracks that are now unused but fenced in so the dogs can’t go anywhere. There is the tracks going the other direction that tucks into a path behind some really nice houses. There is never anybody walking back there, so often we let the dogs run around off leash. There is the library path for when we need to drop off or pick up books. The main street if we want to grab something from the local 7/11 or if it is too dark to walk anywhere else. There is the around the block route for the quick walk days. The through the park route for when I want to mess around on the equipment. And sometimes we take a short 5 minute drive to explore the duck ponds at the big park. But on Veteran’s day we decided on a new route. We decided to head into a neighborhood we hadn’t really explored much yet. 
Something the husband and I love doing is looking at homes. We don’t need to go inside, we just love looking at the outside and picturing what they look like on the inside. We are fine with being renters right now since we aren’t 100% settled on staying where we are at. The house game started back when we lived in an apartment. We would get stir crazy and need to take a drive. So we would grab hot chocolates from Starbucks and put some gas in the car. Then we would drive around the nice areas, the fancy areas and the middle class areas we liked. Picking out homes we loved. Picking up pamphlets from for sale signs if we saw one. Our favorite time is still to walk or drive around during Christmas, there is some epic decorations around our area and nothing beats warm peppermint hot chocolate.
During our walk, I am sad to admit that we were disappointed to discover only a few houses with giant weird looking turkeys in front of them. There were far too many people who already have Christmas tree’s (what the what??). My favorite part though is the sidewalks full of colorful leaves.
I am also loving the pops of green that are returning to our area with the bits of rain that we have gotten after a very long and hot summer. 
We even stumbled upon a giant lemon or lime or mystery citrus tree?
It was the perfect walk with our dogs. Especially when I looked at my Map My Walk app and saw that we had walked 3.76 miles all together. That is over a 5k and I didn’t struggle at all. I was even managing hills without any issues. Slowly my endurance is returning and that makes me super excited. It is also the reason I challenged myself (and others) to 30 miles in November.
So what beautiful walks have you taken recently? Got any great fall pictures?

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