That Post Vacation Feeling

You know what is hard? Getting back on track after a week off. Yep, this crap is hard. I miss naps. I miss sitting by a pool with my book. I miss not having deadlines and responsibilities to keep to. I miss waking up at 8:30 a.m. I miss all of that right now. Makes a career woman contemplate becoming a stay at home something. But alas, I love my job too much. But I am not joking when I say, I need a week off to recover from my week off. I am just not ready for all the errands and to do lists again. *sigh*

I knew this week was going to be hard. So I prepared in advance. I cleaned the whole house and did all the laundry, so all I had to do was maintain the house this week. I shopped in advance. I bought healthy choices for my lunches.

Every morning starts off with an apple. I love apples but I only like them when they are in season. They taste different to me when they come from a farm I have been to and are fresh. Thank you Apple Hill. I will need another visit as soon as possible. I have also ditched the coffee again and started back on Yerba Mate. I wrote a blogpost about why I ditched coffee and started choosing Yerba Mate last month, you can read about it by clicking here.

Almost every afternoon I can be found fighting for the microwave in the break room so I can heat up my homemade chicken soup (with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in) and toasting my rye bread slices. I discovered this week that I like rye bread and it doesn’t have a huge amount of carbohydrates in it. Score!

My afternoon snack has been the amazing apple sauce that I bought at Apple Hill. I didn’t think I would like chunky, but I really do and it has no added sugars at all. Tastes like an apple pie actually.

I plan on spending some time in the next couple of weeks experimenting with homemade applesauce without added sugar as well but for now I am really enjoying this stuff. It is the perfect afternoon treat for my sweet tooth.
In between I try to keep my water cup full and during breaks I run down to get ice. Is anyone else greatly motivated by cold water?? Just me?? 
Eating healthier has been easier than I thought it was going to be after a couple weeks of eating whatever. I am still not tracking but I am making healthier choices. Baby steps. One thing I am slacking on is my sleep schedule though. During vacation I went to bed around 11 p.m. and woke up between 8:30 a.m. – 9 a.m. It is funny how in one week you can get really used to just going to bed late. Sadly I have been really tired every single night around 8 p.m. but since I am terrible at listening to my body, I usually push my bed time and end up with a second wind at 10 p.m. I have to STOP doing that. This morning I almost slept right through my alarm clock and I have dark circles forming again. It does me no good to catch up on sleep last week just to exhaust myself again this week. The lack of sleep resulted in me ditching out on my brisk walk last night and crawling into PJ’s instead the minute I got home. I spent most of the evening in bed reading and still didn’t manage to get to bed on time. Oh vey! I will get it down soon.
Anyways, tonight I will be making up for it. Me and my mini side kick have a brisk walk to the fitness park area by our house planned where we can get our workout on. They have assisted squat things, balance boards, reverse pull up bars and all kinds of goodies. Then we will finish our 30 minute walk. That should catch me up with my beginners run training plan of three 30 minute brisk walks this week with rest days or cross training in between. Thinking of the mini side kick, Bella Rue is also adjusting to being left for almost an entire week and has spent each evening shadowing me around the house. 
A girl can’t even wash her face in peace without Bella Rue getting underfoot. It was her first time dealing with us being gone and she has been clingy. Trust me, dogs can get clingy. Especially Bella Rue, the baby. But the old dog, she barely noticed we were gone. 
All in all, I feel good, well you know besides the lack of sleep. I am making healthy choices each day and slowly introducing myself back into a schedule. It helps that I am really enjoying all the cold weather and that there are only healthy choices in my house to eat. I am really glad I prepared in advance. Seriously. Without it, I probably would have eaten out a lot more this week already. I have been too tired to think about dinner each evening after spending all day catching up at work.
I am already thinking about next weeks dinners, I am thinking squash soup in a big batch, homemade french bread and maybe some apple sauce experiments. I am also thinking about making pumpkin soup for the first year ever. We are gearing up for a weekend of rain and thunderstorms starting on Halloween and my favorite thing to do is bake and create during storms. Plus it is really nice to have frozen soups in the freezer for the cold evenings, now that we are FINALLY having cold evenings.
So how do you get back on track after vacation??

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2 thoughts on “That Post Vacation Feeling

  1. Apple sauce is something I just had last week for the first time in ages! The chunky kind really gives more of an apple pie feeling and it is a great way to help with craving sweets…. most of the time!

    That is really cool that you have been to an apple farm, I might have to add that to the list.

  2. I love homemade applesauce. And it is so much easier to make than I thought it would be. Especially if you have a food processor!

    A fitness park? That sounds awesome!

    And of yes, I understand the clingy dog thing. Our dog does the same thing when we leave her for an extended period of time. She becomes my shadow.

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