My Next 30 Years

Fast approaching is my 30th birthday. By fast, I mean literally next Saturday. That day I will be officially saying good bye to my 20’s and hello to my 30’s. I have been preparing for this since I turned 29 but for some reason it is still a little shocking to realize that I am no longer a 20 something. Holy crap!

For the last few months I have been really reflecting on my 20’s. There were some really great things that happened in my 20’s, I got married, I got a college degree, I got all my amazing animals, I was made a godmother, I landed an amazing job, I quit smoking, I moved from my small hometown to the big city, I watched my mother get married and I started a retirement plan. I got to be an Auntie to two amazing kids and watch them grow. I got to make some awesome memories with the people that I love. I have a whole wall full of pictures from my 20’s of memories made.

I would say in my 29th year I really came into myself. I learned what kind of person I wanted to be and I started working towards that. I worked on calming down and being a little more gentle. I learned how to place myself in others shoes. I learned what battles to fight and which one’s to walk away from. I learned that silence is sometimes golden but it should never be used as a punishment. I learned patience. I learned to settle into being uncomfortable because without being uncomfortable, you wouldn’t have change. I learned a lot about being a good friend and a good wife. I learned to listen to those around me and respond less. I learned to love with all my heart. I learned a lot about respect. I learned when to say I was sorry and to forgive people of their mistakes. These were all tough lessons but in the end they were necessary for me to learn.

Did I lose all the weight I set out to? No. But that doesn’t mean my chance has gone. I did learn about my emotional eating problem and I am well on the road to recovering from it. Did I accomplish every goal I wanted to in my 20’s? No. But the thing about goals is, you can always keep working on them till you do accomplish them. Was I able to overcome my infertility to have kids? No. But I also learned that part of me is really alright with having kids later in life, I feel I would make a better mother now than I EVER would have in my 20’s. After much reflection I realized something, I am really starting to feel okay with how my 20’s turned out. They were messy and chaotic and heartbreaking and sometimes downright crazy but in the end I came out a lot stronger for those hard times. I learned how to survive.

When my husband turned 30 last year, we took him out to the woods and camped the weekend away. He wanted to be in nature, without any technology and no reminders it was his 30th birthday. I sort of understood that feeling but for my 30th I had a different idea of disappearing I wanted to do. Six months ago, I started planning my first big real vacation that required traveling since I moved out on my own.  After years of college and working my butt off to establish a career I absolutely love, I am burned out and I think I pretty much earned something bigger than a weekend away on my big 3-0 birthday. So I I booked 4 days in a junior suite aboard a ship heading to Ensenada Mexico. I booked my flight to get to where the cruise port is. I have bought luggage. I even bought adorable luggage tags. I have been obsessively planning this trip for over 6 months AND now it is FINALLY less than a week away. I spent this last weekend packing what I could off my packing list app on my Kindle and trying to get as many details taken care of as I possible can.

I have to tell you, I am not sure which is more stressful, planning a vacation or getting ready to go on vacation at work. No wait, I know the answer to that, BOTH. I unfortunately will be spending this whole week preparing my attorneys at work to be without me for a week and at home I will be taking care of ALL those last minute details plus preparing my animals to be without us for a week. But in one week, I will be on board a cruise ship, sipping something and not waking up to an alarm blaring at 6 a.m. I. Can’t. Wait.

So instead of dwelling on turning 30, I am going to celebrate it. I am going to enjoy my week away from being responsible. I am going to turn 30 in style and with a big smile on my face. After all, birthdays should always be fun, no matter the age!

How did you celebrate your 30th?

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2 thoughts on “My Next 30 Years

  1. I just turned 30 last month and was kind of freaked out about it, but then I just got to thinking of it as a clean slate. A lot of things got much better for me the last couple of years of my 20's, not the least of which being losing 170 lbs and FINALLY finding a boyfriend that I really adore, so why should I think my 30's are going to suddenly result in a downhill slump? I think it's just all going to get even better. I'm a month into my 30's not, and so far I'm right! Hope you have a great birthday!

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