Swim Cap Issues and Food Prep

I feel naked this morning. I am not actually naked. I have clothes on and nice work clothes too. But I am missing an essential part of my wardrobe this morning. I curled my hair and was all excited to get out of the house early this morning, got all the way to the light rail before I realized that I hadn’t applied a stitch of make up. Not a drop of cover up or mascara even or eye shadow. I understand to some women who don’t wear make up, this is a “why does it matter” moment but to me, it matters. See there was this comedian once who referred to make up on a lady as war paint and that is EXACTLY how I feel about my make up. I can face the day if I feel confident, right now I am feeling a little not so confident but I am going to try to forget I don’t have it on. Not to mention my hair looked wonderful until I walked outside in the 84% humidity and bam it frizzed. Got to work and there is already a huge project waiting for me. AND I forgot to weigh in for the end of the challenge. *sigh* Monday, you aren’t being nice this morning! BUT the Broncos did win  yesterday, so I will try not to complain too much this morning.

I am pretty sure this posting is going to be a whole bunch of randomness but hell, let’s go for it.

I finally got a bigger swim cap for swimming. I had been growing my hair out all summer and I did NOT need green hair, so I was wearing the biggest size cap my husband owned (since he used to be a swim coach) and it was not working on my thick long hair. So I finally bought a cap, meant for long hair supposedly.

I was not impressed to be honest. The pockets for my ears didn’t quit go over my ears so water would end up in there more often than not. My hair actually ended up wet, a lot more wet than when I wore my other cap. So I will probably be giving this one to the husband and using my old one again. Especially since I ended up cutting off my hair for the fall.
My hair stylist is a genius. I went in there talking about darker highlights but not low lights (instead of my normal bright blonde one’s blended in with my normal blonde I do in the summer) for the fall and shorter hair. She created these golden honey colored high lights and adorable cut. I just needed hair that I could manage easier since my long locks were thick, curly and unruly most days. AND I might just be able to put my shorter locks into the other swim cap now. Either way I am really loving it. Feels fallish to me!
After that we got to try a new lunch place on the river.
On Sunday I prepped food, including our dinner for the week. The husband and I are working on a new gym schedule. We want to go home first after work, let our dogs out to run around, change into our workout clothes, have a smoothie and then drive to the gym when it is slightly slower. Since we go to the downtown gym it is PACKED at 5 p.m. and starts to slow down probably after 6 p.m. But that means getting home around 7:30-8:00 p.m. and that means dinner needs to be ready if we are going to stick to our sleeping schedule of bed by 9:30 p.m. This weeks dinner is a huge crock pot full of bean-less chili aka low carb chili. One of these days I will have to share the recipe but I would need to extract it from the husband first. He is crazy about chili and has mastered how to make it low carb for me. What a great guy huh? He added in extra meat as well, some steak, hamburger and stew meat. I am making sure NOT to make the same mistake I made two weeks ago, cutting out fatty meats and just eating vegetables with really lean meats made me feel starving and horrible. I need the extra fat and protein in my diet to make up for the carbs, especially since my calories were falling under each day drastically last time. That is why you see things like homemade jerky and hamburger meat in the chili. Plus, fat doesn’t make you fat.
I am starting to really understand that the older I get the less tolerant my PCOS gets with crappy food. Anything processed or sugar filled or carb filled is just aggravating my symptoms badly. So I am really working on thinking about this as a lifestyle change and not a way to lose weight. That meant prepping some healthy low carb but high protein snacks for the work lunch.
Seaweed, string cheese, hard boiled eggs and jerky. Hopefully these will keep me full and from feeling starving. I really need a way of eating that is sustainable but also really makes me PCOS symptoms manageable, especially after the way I felt all last week. 
I also planned out my workouts for the week.
The husband basically does the same work outs I do, except he hates the elliptical and often does the bike instead. Monday and Thursdays we can’t get into the pool because there are classes in there, so we are instead on Monday doing weights with only 10-15 minutes of cardio and on Thursday I get to create my own home workout (which I kind love doing) which will be mostly strength. But the biggest thing is I am spending more time in the pool and trying to swim at least 3-4 days a week as my cardio. My ankles and knees will thank me. Plus after each swim (usually roughly about 600 meters), I do a few laps of walking, running, lunges and squats in the pool as an added bonus. I am really loving swimming lately, well besides the whole swim cap issue and having to wear a bathing suit in public thing. Those things suck but swimming rocks and it was apart of my September goals. I am even more motivated to build my endurance in swimming after watching a few YouTube videos on snorkeling in Catalina Island. Turns out you can’t stand anywhere so you have to either swim or tread water while snorkeling (which most tours last from 1-2 hours) and that takes some energy. So I want to be a pro by the time the cruise comes around. Only 5 weeks and 5 days to go! I still love run/walks but I won’t be going outside to do them till the weather gets cooler and I hate the treadmill. So for now, it is swimming and one day of elliptical.
This morning it felt slightly cold and like fall, until I looked at the weather prediction for the week and it is saying most days this week will be in the high 90’s. Hopefully my fall decorations give the weather a big hint because I need leggings and boots damn it. I have the front porch covered in fall leave garlands and my candles are all out for display. Also I might have been really excited to start using my new to me basket I scored at a yard sale for $1 (it also came with a few fake pumpkins and fall decorations).
Once I make a trip up to Apple Hill towards the end of September, beginning of October, it will have real pumpkins, apples and hay in there as well. Yes I am a little fall crazy but hey it makes me feel better about the hot weather. 
That is my contributing to the randomness of this Monday morning. If you need me I will be hiding my naked face behind my computer screen today.
What sort of prepping did you do this weekend? Any suggestions for swim workouts? Swim caps? 


4 thoughts on “Swim Cap Issues and Food Prep

  1. Whew you did a ton! Love the new haircut, by the way.

    Does the snorkeling offer any sort of life preserver? I am a really good swimmer but would be super uncomfortable treading ocean water for two hours.

    You can add treading water to your swim workouts. Does the pool have a deep end? When I would finish up my swimming I would tread water for ten minutes. Burns the legs, that's for sure!

  2. I'm lazy and don't even wear a swim cap even though I really need to. For the snorkeling, they generally give you something to wear as a real mild flotation aid, so that may help ease your mind 🙂

    And love the new do!

  3. LOL! I have to resist the urge to rip off my swim cap every single time but the fact that I spend a lot of money every 8 weeks on my blonde locks (I am a natural blonde but I add in highlights) stops me.

    That eases my mind as well!! Thank you!!

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