Seeing the Results…

Anyone else not ready for this Monday? I really wasn’t. I struggled to fall asleep last night and I ended up waking up this morning instantly on cranky mode. I don’t do well with mornings as it is and I really don’t do well on mornings where I have had less than 5 hours of sleep. Lovely. Luckily the husband is pretty forgiving of my morning snapping.

So I weighed in this morning for my first week down of the second challenge continuation with my Mom and her husband vs me and my husband. The final weigh in for week one.. drum roll please.. 6 pounds lost. Boom! To be honest I contribute it more to my clean eating than anything else. 
We all know I was struggling with emotional eating for a couple of months and those months resulted in a 24 pound gain. Yuck. 24 pounds seems like such an innocent number but I felt those 24 pounds all over. I could feel it just weighing on me, my clothes were a whole lot tighter and my body was having horrible reactions to the food I was eating. We are talking daily stomach aches and acne all over my face. Not to mention PCOS symptoms that were raging out of control. I was really miserable. This week though I have cleaned up my eating so much and it has made a huge difference. We are talking about no more stomach aches, no new zits or pimples and my PCOS symptoms eased up finally. Just one week and I feel so much better. 
So what have I been eating?
Pretty much the same thing every single day except for the weekends.
Breakfast- Protein powder blended with unsweetened coffee. 
Mid morning snack- Two hard boiled eggs.
Lunch- Salad with spinach, ham and tomatoes. String cheese and a piece of fruit.
Mid day snack- Peanut butter and celery or black olives with string cheese.
Dinner- Pork steaks or chicken with vegetables. The husband was creative, he made chicken stuffed with a little cheese and ham that was amazing. But my favorite was the bun-less burgers stuffed in the middle with mushrooms, spinach and onions, topped with tomatoes and avocados. They were simply amazing.
I track my carbohydrates, calories and protein through the SparkPeople website and app. This whole last week I was right between 40-50 grams of carbs a day. I originally set the goal of 100 grams a day with the idea that I would gradually reduce but it just ended up that the meals I was planning were keeping me below 50 grams a day. Which was great! As for calories, before I had my calorie intake goal set at 1200 calories a day but recently after stumbling upon many articles having to do with under-eating hurting you just as much as overeating can, I went on a website that told me I would need to eat 1900-2100 calories a day to lose weight and that it took 2860 calories a day to maintain my current weight. That seemed really high to me so I compromised and I raised my calorie intake goal to 1400-1600 calories a day. Sometimes I allow myself 1800 calories if I do a really high level activity workout that day, like a killer swimming workout that burns almost 800 calories. Eating 1800 calories a day though is just really hard for me when I am eating lean meats and vegetables, there just isn’t a ton of calories in either and both fill me up for longer, so eating almost constantly is what I would have to do to reach that goal. So I try to worry more about how many grams of carbohydrates I take in and the quality of what I am eating (lean meats with vegetables vs. fast food) than calories. When I was binge eating I tracked my calories one day (because most of the time when I am emotionally eating I don’t track) and I think I topped out at 3,300 calories and over 300 grams of carbohydrates by the end of the day. Crazy talk. Seriously. No wonder I gained 14 damn pounds! As long as I am NOT doing that anymore, I try not to obsess over calories. For me and most women with PCOS it is the carbohydrates that cause the weight gain, not the calories.
This weekend the husband and I experimented with protein pancakes for breakfast, turns out they are pretty yummy. But that raised my carb intake to roughly 60 grams a day instead. In the end it didn’t hurt my weight loss though so I didn’t really freak out. I would rather have some fun on the weekends and allow myself a few cheats than binge eat. I am learning that things in moderation are okay, just as long as I don’t go overboard or let it completely spiral me into binge eating.
Last week I talked about placing myself on an eating schedule and so far it is working. I only had to make one adjustment. In the morning I had originally planned to have my two hard boiled eggs with my protein drink/coffee mixture, then a mid morning snack of fruit with string cheese but I found that it was too much food in the morning for me. I am not a big morning eater. So I just moved everything back a bit, eating my eggs instead at my mid morning snack and ate the fruit for my lunch. It has been working a lot better for me. 
Water Intake-
I have to say that using the trick of making myself drink 16 oz every 2 hours has been challenging but so beneficial. It takes away the adding together all the ounces to track how many I drank that day headache away.
Sometimes it would be 10 minutes before I am due to fill up my cup again and I would realize that I had forgotten to drink half of my glass which meant downing it all down at once. But for the most part I managed to stick to drinking a 16 oz cup of water every 2 hours during the day. In the evenings I was a little more flexible but still would manage to drink at least 2-3 more 16 oz glasses. Over the weekend it was harder to track my water that way because time seems to fly on the weekends, so I found that I was struggling to take in the same water intake and I could actually FEEL the difference. The only other things I drank this week were my protein mixture with coffee, coffee unsweetened, black tea made with only a teaspoon of honey in the whole pitcher and I allowed myself to have 1 Angry Orchard hard cider as a mid week treat.
One of the things I love about Angry Orchard is that it is gluten free. I had given up on alcohol drinks up until I found Angry Orchard because every alcohol drink made me sick from all the sugars. My body just couldn’t handle my favorite wine anymore or sugary girly drinks. So I stopped drinking for a while until I discovered Angry Orchard, for me they just seem to settle well with my body and I find that I can have a few without feeling the onslaught of PCOS symptoms. 
The first week of low carbing (is that a word??) is always a littler harder than most, especially after an emotional eating binge. So I decided to keep my exercise to more relaxing things rather than hard core pushing myself at the gym. 
Mon.- Yoga
Tues.- Walk with the dogs, 15 min yoga routine and 10 mins of foam rolling.
Wed.- Walk in the wetlands and 15 mins of yoga.
Thurs.- Rest (Actually I cleaned the whole house which is sort of a workout)
Fri.- Rest (Both the hubs and I were feeling the effects of a long week mixed with low carbs).
Sat.- 60 mins Swim
Sun.- 60 mins Swim
My favorite workouts were the swims to be honest. I realized that if I was going to get my snorkel on during vacation I needed to build my endurance back up in the pool. Now I am not a super horrible swimmer but I also am not a really strong swimmer. I had bad form for a lot of years that made it so I couldn’t swim very far without having to doggy paddle. Luckily I have an advantage over most people, my husband taught swim lessons to kids and adults for 2 years, so he has a lot of tips and tricks for me. Plus he comes up with some fun workouts. 
Saturday and Sundays swim:
50 yards free swim warm up
200 yards hand paddles with no legs
50 no Kick
100 yards free swim
50 yard no Kick
50 yards free swim
25 yard breast stroke
25 yard just kick
50 yards no kick
200 yards free swim
50 yards no kick
100 yards free swim
25 yards back stroke
25 yards breast stroke
50 yard just kick
100 yards free swim cool down

1,150 yards total
We  basically did a HIIT swimming workout. Sometimes I was taking off from each end of the pool super fast with only a short 20 second rest and some times I was slowly paddling across the pool with longer breaks at the end. I worked on my form and my endurance. I find that I am still slow as heck when I do breast stroke or the back stroke but my free swim is getting a lot better. I went home starving and with over 700 calories burned each time. The husband and I decided each weekend (if we have time) we are going to head to the pool for swim workouts. I definitely need to become a really strong swimmer before our vacation, swimming in the ocean can be hard work.
This Weeks Workouts-
Mon.- At home HIIT workout and Arms
Tues.- Elliptical HIIT workout and Chest with Back
Wed.- Swim
Thurs.- Elliptical HIIT workout and Abs
Fri.- Swim
Sat.- Rest
Sun.- Rest (but I might be doing some walking on the beach with a friend this day)
The next few weekends are going to be hard. We have non stop plans both weekends. Plans that involve eating out other places. Eeck! So we have come up with a pretty good game plan, first of all we are going to work out hard during the week so that we at least get our 5 workouts in and we can take the weekends off if we need to. If we can, we will head to the gym before we leave the house for the day for our swim but we might not have the time or energy to do that. As for eating, we plan on making sure that wherever we eat we choose clean, so we choose a steak with some vegetables, leave out the potatoes or fries or bread. Usually everywhere has a big salad or something along those lines that we can choose as well. Just because we made plans with friends doesn’t mean we should stop eating clean. Especially not with the results I am seeing and how much better I am feeling. For the first time in a long time I don’t want to emotional eat, I don’t want carbs, I don’t want to eat poorly. Maybe because I have seen an amazing 6 pound loss this week or maybe because I just feel so much better than I have in months. It is literally like a huge boulder was lifted right off my shoulders this week when I started eating clean and feeling the results from it. Either way, fun with friends doesn’t need to mean a total slip up. I am still going to track and I am still going to make good choices! I will also be carrying around healthy snacks with me and a bottle for water.
Tonight I am doing an at home HIIT workout and will be sharing that with you this week. I am running off of no sleep and it is a whole lot easier to get dinner done faster so I can crash into bed early if I workout at home while it is cooking. I have a few fun moves to try, I have written out a list and I want to give the workout a go before I share it! That way if it is totally horrible I can tweak it a bit. It is always good to have an arsenal of at home workouts to do as well as gym workouts for those days you just don’t want to spend 60 minutes at the gym after a long day at work.
All in all it was a great week and a great weekend. Plus any weekend where I get to spend some quality time with the furry loves is ALWAYS a good weekend. 
Also after HATING the book I gave the TV show Orange Is The New Black a try this weekend and got hooked. Whoops. I probably should stop finding guilty pleasure TV shows to watch on the weekends but I just can’t stop!
Funny story for the weekend…
The hubs and I decided to take a Sunday drive. There is a levee road with these awesome looking drawbridges not far from where we live and we find that it is a nice place to drive on Sunday’s. Bella Rue loves car rides and we took her along for the ride. On one of the back levee roads we saw a whole field of cows and Bella stuck her head right out the window to bark and growl at them. It was hilarious. Here she is, 8 pounds on a good day, barking and growling at these HUGE cows in the field who are staring at her like she is an idiot. I was rolling!!
So how was your week last week?

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